Feb. 26th, 2015
Behavior 3
Vocab- distend, digression, blueprint, virtue, distend, conciliate
Math- Work for 30 minutes on review pages in your blue binder.
Math- work on your math packet that's due next Wednesday
WW- Be prepared to read your fantasy story aloud tomorrow.
WW- This weekend you will do your final revisions based on the feedback you receive tomorrow. Voice memos will be due on Tuesday. Try to do it over the weekend.
Read- Focus on rereading your fantasy story

Feb. 25th, 2015
Behavior 3
R- Give yourself a grade for fishbowl and for inference lesson
SS- prison was an extension of the community, flooding of drugs, black males incarcerated, mass incarceration was the new Jim Crow, permanent low class status, convicted felons could not vote, pressure was building, out of the ashes rose the phoenix of hip-hop and visual art, unique style and wonder began to express, speak and yell for your rights, poverty, hardship, neglect, and police brutality, fight the power, rap for rights, shocked the nation, Cosby Show, Rodney King, 1991, many people were left behind during Katrina, 1000 died-hundreds of thousands lost their homes, government's failure to respond, Barack Obama visited and addressed long-standing racial divide, could 500 years of racism be erased by the election of one man?, will racism ever end?
Math- Complete pages 64 and 65 in your binders. Review the work you did in class today. Draw a diagram if need be.
Math- Due next Wednesday. Write expressions for each problem in the packet. Do NOT solve the problems.
Ready- Due On the 26th. Pages 239-248.
c Reread your piece to yourself the way we were reading Dragonling today. With the reader be able to infer?
Vocab- dauntless, despise, garrulous, cynical, discredit

Feb. 24th, 2015
Behavior- 2
SS- Key Words- You know what to do. Tomorrow we start our letters to Henry Louis Gates.
Ready- Due On the 26th. Pages 239-248. Be prepared for fishbowl. That means everyone. Notes are necessary to join.
Math-  5÷ 1/2   4÷ 1/4   3÷ 1/8   1/2 ÷ 1/3 Write your thinking about each problem. Use what you know to figure out what you don't know!
Vocab- efficacious, profuse, obfuscate, insular, curb.
WW- Be prepared to read your fantasy story aloud on Friday.
WW- This weekend you will do your final revisions based on the feedback you received on Friday. Voice memos will be due on Tuesday. Try to do it over the weekend.
Yearbook- What do you want to be when you grow up?
Share the Gov. Cuomo letter with your parents.

Feb 23rd, 2015
Behavior 2
SS- Read over all the key words we collected from Many Rivers. Go back to all the old posts to do this.
Ready- Due On the 24th- pages 231 to 238. Pages 129 to 138. 
Math- 1/2 ÷ 1/4 Solve the expression using a diagram. Explain this in words. (Loose leaf please)
Vocab- amidst, unsettling, extended, resourceful, complicated, untapped
Published pieces due tomorrow typed or on loose leaf- 

  • Today's quick write
  • Letter about spinning and heart rate
  • Description of your fantasy piece- Model it off of this- 
Life is an adventure for Maya, the clever and resourceful monkey featured in Disneynature's MONKEY KINGDOM. Maya's world is forever changed when she welcomes son Kip into her complicated extended family. Maya is determined to give her son a leg up in the world - and when their longtime home at Castle Rock is taken over by neighboring monkeys, Maya must use her street smarts and ingenuity to lead her whole family to untapped resources amidst strange creatures and unsettling surroundings. They will have to work together to reclaim Castle Rock, where Maya can hopefully realize her dreams for her son's future. MONKEY KINGDOM features a variety of characters, including mongooses, langur monkeys, leopards and monitor lizards.

February 14th, 2015
Enjoy your holiday!!!!   Read to your hearts content!
Please make sure your holiday assignments are complete.
Fun stuff-
Use the vocab words to make a concentration game!
Challenge your parent to a fraction multiplication challenge!
Practice reading your fantasy story as an iphone memo. Then listen to yourself!
Find a new recipe to make for your family!
Dance to Motown!
Call up an old friend for a chat!
Make up a list of fun things to do.
Make a cool art project!
Have a picnic in your igloo!

February 12th, 2015
Ready- Due On the 24th- pages 231 to 238. Pages 129 to 138 are due on the 26th. Be prepared with notes if you want to fishbowl. You can write directly in the book.
Vocabulary- insolvent, mingle, diminish, versatile, and accumulate
TRIP(SPINNING)- Here are your 2 options, you can either write about 

  • What you felt like before, during and after spinning OR 
  • You can write about how heart rates relate to your health.
This essay should be written in letter form. By the way, there's a free demo today at the same same location at 4:30
Math- Due after break- Math Mania packet
Math- Test on multiplying fractions.
Math- Take your heart rate at least 10 times. Chart what you were doing before each count. 
Reading- Fantasy, read-a-thon same as last night!
Reminder- The Ida B packet is due after the break.

February 11th, 2015
Trip tomorrow. Wear appropriate clothes for spinning (biking). Water bottles are a must. Bring your lunch.
Math- Complete the fraction multiplication problems
Fishbowl for Friday- the two documents I gave out today
Vocab-synthesis, obsolete, adept, ineffable, acquiesce
Reading- Fantasy Read-a-thon!
W- Continue your fantasy stories. Remember, one secret to writing is rereading.

YOUR SPACE- Here's your chance to get creative! You get to post any work you're particularly proud of!
Math- 4 2/3 x 3 5/6 Use the model from today to create a diagram. Here's the website to help you.
Trip on Thursday. NY Sports Club spinning class~ LOVE yourself!  Free
SS- 1970 middle class status, poverty was worse than before, black poor left in urban centers, gangs, joblessness triggers problems, black mayors inherited cities in decline, war on drugs, Dan Rather, a huge amount of blacks were poor, joblessness = family problems, prison exploded over night, cocaine and crack/
Ready- 167-174 Fishbowl
Reading- Fantasy Read-a-thon!
W- Continue your fantasy stories. Remember, one secret to writing is rereading.
Vocab- volatile, zealous, verbose, vilify, stymie

February 9th, 2015
Behavior- 3
Vocab- Write definitions and sentences for these words in your WN; proliferate, ambulatory, explicit, proficient, trepidation. Using them throughout the day will earn you extra credit.
Math- Revise all the incorrect work from today's math test. Staple to your test. Complete the pages you did not do in class in a different color ink.
Reading- Fantasy
Ready- Page 139-148
W- Continue your fantasy stories
W- Type up and email your Plymouth Church pieces if you have not already.
SS- Thanks for sharing Zara. This is an amazing story. Please share with your families and friends. http://pix11.com/2015/02/04/fundraiser-launched-for-brooklyn-super-teacher-who-lost-leg-in-hit-and-run/

No new homework for the weekend. You can start on the holiday packet I gave you if you like. Enjoy your weekend!

February 5th, 2015

Ready- 27-42 Due Monday

Thank you to Nick for sharing that cool powerpoint about persuading with DATA!!
Thank you to Sophia E. for sharing the work her father did on the Plymouth Church video!
SS- Start thinking about the letter that you will write to the producers of The AFRICAN AMERICANS~ MANY RIVERS TO CROSS with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Don't stop
R- What fantasy book are you on? Continue with your signpost work.
W- Revise and edit your historical fiction pieces. Due tomorrow. Type if you are able to. Paragraphs and spell check are a must. Commas give meaning to your text. They are a must!
SS- Start thinking about the Solution to Pollution Revolution project that you want to research. You'll be creating a powerpoint on this.  Stary collecting ideas. What were some of the ideas that Nick shared?
St. Jude- We're getting there! Super work so far! Hey St. Jude, we stepped out of our comfort zones to raise funds for needy families. Thank you for this opportunity to help out.
Class trip tomorrow to Culture- We'll be learning about Hudson Valley Farms and the milk that's produced there. Bring your lunch or buy your lunch. We'll be walking, so dress appropriately. We are a part of the whole. We are only as strong as our weakest member. Permission slips are required. The trip will only be cancelled if the Board of Education cancels all trips.
Math- Complete the packet. Study it and be ready for a test on Monday.
SS- Read and think about these key words and phrases- the assassination of MLK was sad news for people around the world who loved peace/ 6 days of riots/ despair and violence/ Black Panther Party born/ As the violence grew, the willingness to be passive declined/ The white communities in the South were NOT non-violent/ Stokely Carmichael/ What do we want? Black Power/ Kathleen Neil/ Police brutality in the ghetto/ Community based black organizations were formed/ Stopped asking for freedom and they were now DEMANDING it./ The White Nation was talking about Black Power/ Were moving to a new day, a new change/ 1968- April 4th / "My Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord"/ Blacks were reconnected/ Call for Black Unity through a cultured revolution/ That's when Kwanza was created/ Umoja- Unity Maulana Karenga/ Black is beautiful/ Soul Train started a nation dancing together/ Don Cornelious/ Afro-centicity/more jobs as Civil servants and in the private sector/ black middle class/ Affirmative Action/ They demanded classes in African American Studies/ FBI spread disinformation about the Black Panthers/ 1st Nation/ Black Arts Conventions were formed/ Not Black Agenda/ affirmative action was the 1st chance for Black Americans to compete with White students at YALE University/ This was about inclusion- Being a part of, not apart from/Economical Inequality /

February 4th, 2015s
M-Finish up to 2c
W- Put the finishing touches on your PE Spell check it! 
R- New packet- Be ready for fishbowl
My Space!!
St. Jude- Due tomorrow! Nice work so far!

February 3rd, 2015
M- Find the equivalent fraction match! Loose leaf
5/7, 2/9, 4/5, 8/9, 2/7, 1/2, 3/8, 4/10, 2/3, 3/9.
60/120,6/16, 20/30, 12/54, 25/35, 32/40, 12/30, 4/14, 8000/9000, 1/3
M- Write a short paragraph how you did this.
W- Put your Fantasy piece aside for tonight. Write an historical fiction piece on looseleaf from the point of view of someone who walked through the doors of Plymouth Church. Use your notes. By the way, wasn't Lois fantastic! She knows her stuff! Think about your favorite story or image from today. That will inspire your writing!
W- Final draft of your Persuasive Essay is due tomorrow. Please print out if possible! The ink was due to arrive today, but I have not seen it as of yet!
My Space- What will you put on your "My Space" space? Be prepared to post it by Friday or before! 
R- Fantasy! Signposts!
St. Jude-!
Reminder- The Amy Herrick pieces were due 2 days ago!
Extra Credit- Could someone please type up the key words from Lois's talk today! I would greatly appreciate it!

Feb 2nd 2015
Math- Complete the problems we started today in class. Write your procedure. Pay close attention to the expression.
R- same
W- Final revisions on Persuasive essays
W- Add several pages to your fantasy piece
Trip- Plymouth Church 2.00 donation and permission slip. Dress appropriately. We will return to school to eat lunch, but bring your lunch just in case the program goes over and the lunchroom closes.
St. Jude- same

January 30th 2015
Behavior for this week- (3-)
Permission slips are due on Monday. Trip on Tuesday to Plymouth Church! Trip on Friday to Culture! (You don't have that slip yet) 
St. Jude- Wow! Nice work on donations! Try to collect your donations this weekend!
SS- (Reminder!) Some of you need to bring in your essay that was due yesterday. 
M- Put these fractions in order from least to greatest using any strategy you like or a combination of strategies. 
3/8, 4/12, 2/5, 1/3, 7/11, 7/16, 6/19, 12/7, 9/21, 8/12
Write out the step by step procedure you used to solve this problem. Use a calculator to convert the fractions to decimals to see if you are correct. Remember, 4/5 is the same as 4÷5 on the calculator. This should be done on looseleaf. 
Do not write on the back of the paper. If you need more paper use a second sheet.
R- Read! Signposts!
W- Thank you to Amy, Micah's mom, and to MIcah F. for bringing the magic of Amy Herrick and her writing to our class today!! Please revise, edit, and publish the little project you started today with Amy. Don't forget to include your favorite fantasy book and the author. I would also like you to include a response to one of these three questions that were mentioned during the lesson: Why do you love fantasy? Can time disappear? or..Where do fantasy writers get their ideas? Again, do not use the back of the looseleaf.
W- Your Persuasive Essay is due to me this weekend, so it's time to put the finishing touches on your work. Go to the Editorial section of your parent's favorite newspaper and find an essay that interests you. Read it together with your parent. What good writing strategies are keeping you engaged throughout the piece? Remember, sometimes it's hard for even a really good writer to think critically about their arguments. Read your essay to several people whose opinions you respect and then ask them for their honest critique (a detailed evaluation). 

Start thinking of an editorial cartoon to support your essay which we will work on Monday in class. Here's the cartoon from the Break the Chain (Titles matter!) editorial I read aloud from today in class. This article was from the South China Morning Post that Haskell's dad brought back from Hong Kong. 
Retail and manufacturing companies can take specific measures to maintain a slave-free supply chain.
W- Continue working on your fantasy stories! Staying organized is a must! 
SS- Review these words and phrases for Monday- SS- Bloody Sunday, a televised morality play, quote by journalist Dan Rather: “The media helped people hear the choir.” M.L.K. was known as a mediator, there is power in non-violence, “We Shall Overcome”, the religious community was uniting, to Malcolm X non-violence looked like capitulation, Malcolm was radicalized by his experiences, “Freedom Can’t Wait”, demonstrations in 80 major cities, protests were about economic and racial justice, in 1963 Malcolm X and MLK marched together, LBJ and the Voting Rights Act of 1964, The Civil Rights Movement without the media would have been a bird without wings,

January 29th 2015
(Sorry this took awhile to post. I was typing up the Fungi facts, in case you want to use them in your fantasy stories. You knew the homework anyway.)
R- Read! Signposts!
!!! Author visit tomorrow!!
W- Keep plugging along on your fantasy piece if you have what you need to get started. Make sure you stay organized. Use the strategy you are most comfortable with.
M- Go back to last night's homework and revise if necessary. 
M- Write a one page explanation as to why the answer to page 31is a fraction whose value is greater than the lessor value and less than the greater value. Write up on loose leaf. 
SS- Write off of this quote you heard today- 1 page on loose leaf- The Civil Rights Movement without the media would have been a bird without wings!
SS/WFungi facts- Here they are!
Fun Fungi Facts!
  1. When you see a tree you see 3 different types of fungi.
  2. When you think of mushrooms, tell me what you think about….
  3. You think they’re gross and scary and you’re not supposed to pick them and eat them…
  4. But the truth is they are beautiful…although strange…
  5. And exotic and they come in thousands of shapes and sizes…
  6. They are not plants. Mushrooms are like the flowers of fungi. And fungi are closer on the tree of life to you than to plants. So what is a fungus?
  7. It’s that stuff that makes feet itch and your sneakers smelly.
  8. It’s the stuff that rots things. It eats dead and dying things. It cleans up the forest and the compost pile!
  9. Fungi live in its food.
  10. It’s the stuff that keeps forests healthy. Every green plant has a symbiotic relationship witha fungi.
  11. Most fungi are single celled organisms like yeasts.
  12. But the ones that produce mushrooms grow from this stuff. Have you ever killed open a rotting log? Filamentous fungi (it’s 10X thinner than a hair)
  13. Mushrooms are like fruits or flowers but don’t produce seeds. They make spore.
  14. The spore lands on something it likes to eat, like a strawberry!
  15. And then it grows one cell at a time in all directions, each tip an absorption point for food. Fungi grow in several different directions instead of in a line.
  16. They supply nutrients: carbs, fats, proteins vitamins, oxygen, water, minerals.
  17. Imagine you are a spore on a steak mattress. You will grow as you eat the steak.
  18. Some fungi share food with living things. They helps plants get more food than just the roots can supply. This is a Mycorrhizal fungus- Myco = fungus, rhizal = roots
  19. Another lifestyle are fungi that live in the green parts of plant. They never produce mushrooms. They live between each cell of every living plant. It gives the plant a layer of protection. They are called Endophytes- Endo = inside, phytes = plant
  20. There are also pathogenic fungi, fungi that eat living things, like the ones that killed the Giant Chestnut trees, the “Redwoods of the East”.
  21. The pine bark beetle is currently spreading a fungus that’s killing trees in Colorado. (This is a result of climate change)
  22. Some fungi kill insects. There is a whole category of fungi that eat insects and produce a mushroom on the insect. Laboubs are benign little parasites that feed on chitin of beetles and spiders, and are so host specific and specialized that some only grow on one side of an insect’s shell!
  23. Many kinds of mushrooms are formed when two streams come together. A knot is created, where a mushrooms arises with genes from both parents!
  24. So the mushroom grows, produces its spore, and starts the cycle again.
  25. Some fungi have adapted to use other critters as vectors, like flies, to move their spores!
  26. Bioluminescent mushrooms attract insects at night!
  27. Some mushrooms grow in strange places, like out of concrete!
  28. Fungi are a key part of a healthy ecosystem. Here’s the cycle: growing plant- dead leaves- leaf litter decomposition- humus soil ( not hummus!) – mixed minerals absorbed by roots- a new tree sprouts
  29. Fungi play three roles here: entophytes helping the tree, saprophytes decomposing the duff, and mycorrhiza feeding the tree.
  30. A teaspoon of soil contains millions of organisms like fungi and bacteria.
  31. Fungi can help a plant reduce stress- This may be a way to grow plants without pesticides! 


January 28st 2015
R- Read! Signposts!
M- Up to page 35 not 45. Sorry.
SS/W- Fungi facts will be posted at 4:15. Read them over. Be ready to share notes you took today that you want to share tomorrow.
W/R- Read over the questions for Amy Finch's visit which will take place on Friday. 
W- Revise and add to the writing you started in class. You might want to introduce a new character with a new monologue. You might want to write a dialogue between 2 of your characters. Try to write at least two full pages. Also, be sure to reread what you've already written. Start developing a story line. 
Read this article- Make a list of the important facts that you want to include in Milk and Honey
Confirmed! Mushrooms Saving The Bees
Presenting at the recent Bioneers Annual Conference, Paul Stamets gave bombshell evidence that there is hope for bees, colony collapse, and our entire ecosystem. Washington State University recently completed a longevity stress test on bee populations that appears to confirm that the genes for the detoxification pathways in bees are turned on by beneficial fungi they collect from their environment. What’s more, it has been confirmed in previous testing that the red belted polypore mushroom degrades pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. It has also been confirmed in previous tests that fungicidal contamination reduces beneficial fungi in honey bee colonies. So what does this all mean? The widespread pesticide, herbicide and fungicide have created an absence of beneficial fungi in bee colonies. This turns off the proper detoxification pathways within the bees and their colonies leading to a hyper-accumulation of toxins. Colony collapses typically follows shortly thereafter.
What appears to hold a key to slowing down or even stopping the current epidemic of bee colony collapse is a solution called “Mycohoney,” made from the polypore mushroom mycelium. When fed to bees in the University of Washington trials, it showed extraordinary significance in life extension of the honey bees. Walter S. Sheppard, PhD P.F. Thurber Professor, Chair, Department of Entomology Washington State University gave this comment:
As an entomologist with 39 years’ experience studying bees, I am unaware of any reports of materials that extend the life of worker bees more than this.”
Mushrooms Elevate Humanity As Well
Beyond bee-support, mushrooms have a laundry list of other uses and benefits that read like a dream come true for humanity. According to the research performed by Donald Smee, PhD of the Institute of Antiviral Research at Utah State University testing for the U.S. government’s Bioshield and Biodefense programs, mycelial extracts from chaga, Red Reshi, agarikon and others showed highly effective antiviral effects against many flu strains. This study was done using weak mushrooms extract dilutions of 100:1.

What’s even more promising is that these mushrooms show no toxicity to human cells and high selectivity against the viruses. This is in stark contrast to our questionable vaccine protocols that contain known toxic adjuvants causing permanent damage on record. Perhaps we are looking at the future of preventative medicine and immune defense minus the needles and injections.

The heavily studied and well documented mushroom cordyceps sinensis is proving to be a wonder of nature. It is one of eight modalities used by Dr. Richard Alan Miller implemented to elevate the first Navy Seal team into superhumans. It’s well-known to increase physical stamina, is effective against all sorts of bacteria that have developed resistance to other antibiotics, and it assists in DNA repair. Taking things a step further, it is suspected that the same chemicals that are discriminating the bees and their colonies are also causing DNA damage in humans. While we fight to put an end to this genetic contamination in the form of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, could mushrooms be here to assist us physically, mentally and spiritually in the battle?
M- Blue Binder- Complete up to page 35. Use play dough or paper or drawings to try to solve the problem. Estimate your answer first. Use a calculator to find the correct answer.

January 26st 2015
Happy Snow Day Tomorrow! Be Safe! Have Fun!
* Share your thoughts and feelings from this morning's discussion with someone you love.
St. Jude- Start bringing in the donations you collected!
Eugenia Bone will be visiting the class on Wednesday! She'll be sharing her expertise on the secret life of mushrooms! (Great fantasy material!) 
Here's a quote from Gina
I got into mycology through my culinary interest in mushrooms, but over the years I became more and more interested in the grace and mystery of the biology of fungi. I also found huge satisfaction in the kinship of fellow mycophiles. This year I became the co-president of the New York Mycological Society, a group founded by the composer John Cage fifty years ago, and still going strong. It is a delight to be involved, and yes, there are lots of mushrooms growing in New York City!
Thanks for your presentation today Micah! You really got us thinking!
1. Work on your character profiles. Please do not leave these at home when you return to school. Write in pencil so you can revise as your story develops. Please add these other categories to your chart; 

  • Favorite idioms or phrases they are often heard saying
  • Adverbs that describe the things they like to do
  • Tone of voice they often use
  • An event in their life that made them who they are
  • Things you might want to do or say when you hear them
  • Their attitude about life
  • Favorite places they like to hang out
  • The perfect job for their personality and skills

2. Create 2 monologues in your writer's notebook; One monologue will be from the point of view of the protagonist. The other will be from the antagonist's point of view. Write 2 pages tonight and then 2 pages tomorrow. (You can further develop the thoughts of these characters or start on a new one). Keep your writing organized.
3. Boys will list the names of all the girls. Come up with the perfect future job for them. 
Girls will list the names of all the boys. Come up with the perfect future job for them.
4. Chris Graberstein said, and I quote, " Your verbs are the most important words in your story!" Now let's take this a step further and say that the adverbs that describe those verbs in your story are also quite powerful. Challenge yourself to make a list of your 26 adverbs that will instantly create pictures in the reader's mind. So, A to Z it is! Have fun! A is for Adamantly...Use some of these words in your monologues
5. The conflict in your plot should be forming in your mind. Hmmm....
Trip- Our trip for Friday to CULTURE has been postponed until next Friday after PALP.
W/R- Prepare questions for Amy Finch's visit which will be postponed.
Enjoy these quotes~ Which one is your favorite? Write a paragraph or two why on loose leaf. Can you make up a quote of your own?
Fantasy Quotes
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.”
“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?. . .If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!” J.R.R. Tolkien
“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
“It's the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he'll look for his own answers.”
“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”
R- Ready- Due Wednesday- page 69-73 (Fishbowl)
R- Keep reading, adding to your signposts.
Math- Percents- Decimals- Fractions- Make a list of real life events that involve knowledge of each of these. 
Math- 567.89x123.45   Have fun! Check your work with a calculator.

January 23st 2015
W- Put your Persuasive essays aside for now. We'll finalize them next week in school. Make sure you have a typed draft by Monday of your best work so far.
W- Think about your Fantasy story!  We'll start them on Monday. Be prepared with previous homework assignments related to this!
Wow! Great storytelling today by Haskell and William
Math- Is your Math-A-Thon booklet complete. Start collecting the donations this weekend. Final donations are due next Thursday. Hopefully we met the challenge. Revisit the persuasive essay about St. Jude or google it if you need to. Good Luck!
SS/Science- www.topspysecrets.com/secret-codes-for-kids.html Create your own Ceaser Cipher Wheel DueMonday!! Micah will be presenting a lesson on Monday! Thanks Micah!
W- Read over Milk and Honey   Have any suggestions? Jot them done. We'll continue the reading on Monday. Practice stepping into the character's shoes!
Trip to Culture next Friday!
Author visit on Tuesday!!
R- Ready- Due Monday- page 69-73 (Fishbowl)
R- Keep reading, adding to your signposts.

January 22st 2015

Wow! Great storytelling today Sophia E.
Try to get your homework in on the day it's due. It's important for the next day's lessons.
Great discussion today about counter arguments! Make sure you revise your persuasive pieces accordingly by tomorrow.
SS/Science- www.topspysecrets.com/secret-codes-for-kids.html Create your own Ceaser Cipher Wheel DueMonday!!
W- Prepare for the Milk and Honey reading You'll find it on the Home Page on the blog.
R- Ready- Due Monday- page 69-73
R- Keep reading, adding to your signposts.  How can focusing on signposts help us develop our own fantasy pieces? Write a full page on loose leaf about this. 
SS- Read over these words and phrases to refresh your memory: agitated, segregation was banned on the busses, Rosa Parks, dress rehearsal, dignified, she democratized the movement, 90% of African Americans joined in, 26 year old Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, "my feet are tired but my soul is rested", peaceful protest was met with brutality, Ruby Bridges, resistance to desegregation, Ruby's example inspired others, challenge the hippocrits, ministers, University of Georgia 1961, 50 thousand students had sit-ins, nonviolent passive resistance was genius, John Lewis, Eyes on the Prize, students were "rocking the boat", weren't ready for change, Ella Baker was a granddaughter of slaves, SNICK, the Civil Rights Movement gained momentum, MOTOWN, Dr. King went to Detroit in 1963, 
R- Heads up! Your reading level will be tested over the next couple of weeks.
M- Finish page 22 in the Blue Binder Bring in your signed tests
Google MOTOWN- Find 10 interesting facts about MOTOWN that you want to remember!

January 21st 2015
Wow! Great storytelling today Aidan. I heard Micah F.'s was great also!
SS/Science- www.topspysecrets.com/secret-codes-for-kids.html Create your own Ceaser Cipher Wheel
SS- Thanks for the presentation Haskell! 
W- Time to decide on the issues that you want to embed in your fantasy story
W- Characters- Each of your characters needs a full profile complete with full descriptions- what do you characters do, say and think?- Be as detailed as possible- You can always revise as you start writing, but make sure you have a solid base
W- Decide on a setting and time period. Your scenes will develop as you develop your plot.
M- Get your math test signed. Please complete these expressions on loose leaf and get the test signed if you got less that a 3.  Staple your work to your test. Show your work and check it with a calculator. Write a short piece on the homework paper about how you were able to figure out why you did not get the answers correct. 
1) 5.6x157
2) 7.8x 9.78
4) 39 bags snacks cost $4.89 each. Estimate. Solve. 
M- Do both Bargain Shopping and Road Trip in blue binder. Follow directions carefully.
R- Keep reading, adding to your signposts.  How can focusing on signposts help us develop our own fantasy pieces. 

January 18th 2015
Correction- The website I posted about Sara's visit was incorrect. Try this one. http://mountainschool.org

January 16th 2015

Monday is truly a special day to remember those who have devoted their lives to true democracy and freedom. Thank you to MLK and to everyone else who inspired him and walked with him. Thank you to those who continue to stand up around the world for democracy and free speech! As Haskell reminded us today, "There's still work to do". Enjoy your day!
Thank you for sharing today Sara Galkin (Noah's Mom)!
Here's the website that she shared to day- https://themountainschool.wordpress.com/
I've also included the key words that I collected during her talk with you guys: Mountain School in Vermont, a high school experience, she went in the 1980 when it wasn't popular to go off into the woods- learned about organic farming and composting, the dangers of fluorocarbons (that are now banned), philosophers, Thoreau, Emerson, Walt Whitman, - no styrofoam- environment- forests- damage from not recycling- encouraged others to pay attention- teenagers feel things at 300%- what should I say?- what should I think?- what are people thinking about me?- 3 day solo with a sleeping bag-  stop, listen, feel, observe, write in a stream of conscientious, read, think, knit, write poetry- transcendence- mind goes into a million places- I was a kid again- I built and I slept and I wrote- I had the time to space out- back at school- crunchy granola- hippie dippie- built confidence- so rewarding- lucky to have gotten this chance- fed the cows- chopped the wood- tapped the trees for maple syrup- bed the cows- grew lettuce and chard- memorized the woods- alpacas- sheepdogs- wolves- it was 25 years ago- still practices mindfulness- so lucky to be able to take her children back there- they'll make their own moments
Writing- ???- What do you think Sara meant by mindfulness? Sit quietly for a time. This might help. For those of you who might have a hard time with this, start by talking to yourself!!!! Be ready to share.
Fishbowl- Excellent work. A special thank you the leaders. If there is a parent out there who could help me post these on the Class website that would be greatly appreciated.
Math- Math quiz on Tuesday- Sample problems. Please come prepared.
1. 678x34
2. 3.4x 678
3. 3.4÷ 678
Reading- Complete your Fantasy book if possible. Write out the plot of the book. Use lots of detail. Imagine you are telling the story to the class, just like Carter and Jaslin did. This will help you when you start to write your Fantasy plot from which you will develop your story.
Persuasive Essays- Imagine you are in an oral debate with your persuasive essay in front of you. Can you anticipate the argument that the opposing side will present? Include that point of view in your piece. Be sure to follow-up with a counter argument. 
We'll continue our conferences next week. Take a minute to reread Zoochosis. Give you any ideas for revision?
Looking Ahead- Amy Herrick will be  visiting our class on January 27th. She wis a fantasy write who wrote The Time Fetch, Thank you to Micah Fisher and his family for setting this up!
SS- read over these words that we mentioned today- working in the car factories- specifically the foundries- World War II- call for more workers- bombs- race riots in Detroit- Orson Wells on the radio-The Double V Camp- fighting Hitler overseas and racism at home- uncertainties of being on the road- African American motorists- creatives ways to tell children- The Green Book- Insurance against indignity- safe places to stop and get gas and lodging- The Overground Railroad- would joining the service finally mean equal rights?- Radio station WDIA- interracial audiences- Memphis was strictly segregated, but the airwaves were breaking down racial barriers- Ford Nelson! over 6 decades on the airwaves and still going strong- Jackie Robinson- Paul Robeson-

Mr. Ford Nelson: 64 Years at WDIA-Memphis

Mr. Ford Nelson: 64 Years at WDIA-Memphis
Ford Nelson
Ford Nelson has been on WDIA-Memphis since 1950 and is retiring after a 64 year career at one of the country’s most important radio stations. Mr. Nelson joined WDIA as BB King’s piano player. B.B. went on to have a little career (lol)  and Mr. Nelson took on as a professional radio announcer. He has seen so much in his career, being on air when Dr. King was assassinated, computers and automation, but you can hear him Sunday mornings, running his own board, and playing the gospel songs he loves so much. His last show will be this Sunday Oct 26th, and can be heard on iheartradio.  By the way Mr. Nelson is 89 and turning 90 early 2015. Mr Nelson graduated from Memphis HBCU Lemoyne-Owen College. WDIA is 65 this year, and everyone from Chicago to St Louis, as far south as New Orleans has a WDIA story from back in the day. It’s still thriving under Bobby O’Jay’s programming genius. And still is the Goodwill station.

January 15th 2015

SS- read over these words that we mentioned today- Marcus Garvey, Pan-Africanism, 400 million African Americans, black pride, UNIA, Negro World Newspaper, repatriate to Africa, The Black Star Line, Brooklyn pier, The Frederick Douglas, charged with fraud, the cruelest irony, 1947, Brazil-Brooklyn-Harlem-Haiti, Calvin Coolidge, 1929, 50% of African Americans were unemployed during the Depression, Charles Hamilton Houston, Separate and Unequal, no desks, shack vs. brick buildings, mobilized blacks, a black lawyer who assaulted the Jim Crow Doctrine, Howard University, pushed cases, 1930, Supreme Court, 1954-Brown vs. Board of Education
Google- Charles Hamilton Houston- Collect 10 or more facts about his accomplishments in your notebook
Google- Find a quote by Marcus Garvey 
Due Tuesday- Complete your Fantasy book if possible. Write out the plot of the book. Use lots of detail. Imagine you are telling the story to the class, just like Carter and Jaslin did. This will help you when you start to write your Fantasy plot from which you will develop your story.
Math- on board
Math- page 14- Blue Binder
Ready- Be ready for Fishbowl
Here's the Fishbowl we watched today in case you want to revisit. https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-8-ela-close-reading-a-speech-frederick-douglas
Ready- due Tuesday-  Unit to be announced.
W- If you need to do any research for your persuasive essay, this the time. We will continue our revisions and conferences tomorrow. 
ScienceThink about a "green" science project. Be ready to discuss.

January 14th 2015

Fantasy storytelling and read aloud- Excellent work Carter! Boundless sounds like a must-read. Be prepared when you are asked to share your book! 
W- What will be the setting of your fantasy piece? Start thinking about this. What were some of the settings in Boundless? The sky's the limit! It's fantasy!
SS- read over these words that we mentioned today- self-sufficiency, Dick Rowland, allegations, 1,250 structures were burned, birthright, A Story of the Negro Soul, picket, 
KKK, slander, blackface, critic, creative freedom, radical, redefine their image, Oscar Micheaux. 
Math- Page 11 in Blue Book
Math- 1/4+1/5   1/4+1/8   1/3+1/12   1/3+1/2+1/6 Use the models in your homework book.
Ready- Due Friday- Lesson 19 Fishbowl
Fantasy- Decide on the issue or issues you will develop your plot around 
Writing- Persuasive essay 3rd Draft is due. Please print if possible
Google- Start a list of movies that were set during the depression

January 13th 2015
Today's behavior- 3
ReadyPage 53-60 Due tomorrow. FISHBOWL!
Math- Blue Binder 9 and 10
Math- 25÷575   10÷2010   66÷1212   71÷1402
Writing- Revise your Persuasive essay using the notes you took today. Bring in your revised draft on Thursday
Fantasy- Decide on the issue or issues you will develop your plot around by Thursday
Science- Research possible green experiments or projects. Be ready to present one possible idea.
Watch this video and be ready to discuss
Google- Find 5 facts about the Harlem Renaissance

January 12th 2015
Behavior grade for class today- 2 
Oh well, try harder tomorrow!
Ready- Page 53-60 Due 
Math- 11÷223     16÷153    13÷715   26÷805
Math- Draw the model that represents this equation in your notebook   3cm.x10cm.x14cm.=420 cubic centimeters (Just like the one we did in class)
Math- Page 8 in the blue binder
Reading- Enjoy your reading- Refer to the signposts before you log in
Writing- Research an issue you want to embed in your fantasy story. Here's a website of articles that might interest you. The ECOWATCH website is full of innovations related to health. environment, inventions, climate change, renewable energy, zero waste, civil rights, human rights, animal rights,  etc. This may help you find an idea.   If you find another interesting source of articles please let me know, so I can post them.
Google fun- Here's the link to the video we shared today!
Science- Think about a "green" science project. You could incorporate it into a Rube Golberg if you choose. I have lots of books and ideas it you need an idea. Wouldn't it be great if could even incorporate it into your fantasy story issue. I know you all are getting great at making connections!
SS- Read over these words and phrases from today- restricted caste system,  literature=change, New York, seeking opportunities, better jobs, NAACP, art, jazz, Harlem Renaissance. 136th St., artistically fertile  

January 9th 2015
Math- Convert the fractions from the smart board into decimals. Use your notes from today.
Math- REmedial work- If your name is on the board, please do these problems on looseleaf. Show all work for full credit.

  • .24x___=13.44    
  • .57x___=20.52
  • .20x___=11.80
  • ___x.27=26.46
  • ___x.14=12.18
  • 13.44÷56=
  • 20.52÷36=
  • 11.80÷59=
  • 26.46÷98=
  • 12.18÷87=

W- Write a two page entry in your journal from the point of view of your fantasy character
R- Fantasy- Read as much as you can_Use the signpost sheet to guide your note-taking. Keep your notebook neat.
SS- Review your SS vocabulary
R- Complete the reading packet that was due today!
R- Lesson 11 in ELA- You may write in the book. Highlight if you need to.
Google- the websites of the schools you applied to

January 7th 2015
Math- complete today's lesson from the Blue Binder
Math- Due Friday (Required only if your name is on the board)
Reading- Start making a list of Fantasy books you want to read. Take note of when the book was written. Chart this. Did the book win any awards? What was happening historically when the book was written. Can you make any correlations?
Vocabulary Phrases- learn a trade, Madame C.J. Walker, "necessity became the mother of invention", made a way out of no way, institutions, churches, banks, middle class, stereotype, demonized, dignified, professionals, W.E.B.DuBois, 1900, rise from oppression, great leaders, great thinkers, Harvard, Constitution, citizens, don't compromise, Niagara Movement
Reading- Read a fantasy book of your choice Think about the characters' traits, behaviors, favorite sayings, dreams, passions, obsessions Bring a book in tomorrow from home or choose one from the class library tomorrow. 

Google- What were the goals of the Niagara Movement?
W- Start collecting famous or favorite lines from various places. Start with your family! Have fun!
W- Revise your Fantasy character

January 6th 2015
Ms. Bookman will be performing The Little Mermaid this year in after school. Students who are interested should meet in the library on Friday.
Math- Complete today's lesson
Were you happy with your behavior grade today?
W- Persuasive essays- You'll be working throughout the week with your  partners on this. Make sure you have your second draft ready for tomorrow. Printing it out at home would be helpful.
W- Fantasy characters- Can you develop a fantasy character?
What characteristics do you want your character to have? Use the profile we developed today to inspire you. Develop some traits, behaviors, favorite sayings, dreams, passions, obsessions you think will make your character complex, the kind of gal/guy that you would love/hate to be friends/enemies with. Think about people you know. You can incorporated something about them into your character.
In case you want to listen again, here's the podcast from today's lesson. http://radio.krcb.org/post/mystic-rhythms-rushs-neil-peart-first-rock-drummer

Profile of a Fantasy Character- Our Notes from today
Characters we love to hate
Characters we hate to love
Characters who inspire us
Characters who evoke strong emotions

Owen’s Character- notes
Traits- mean to everyone and everything- he’s selfish and a jerk, at one point he surrenders to his fate and even starts to be happier, then extreme frustration about his situation
Behaviors- mean to his secretary, his photographer and the GROUNDHOG! Steals money, because he knows it will not really have happened and no one will ever suspect him, because the person will never have been robbed
Reactions to him- People say ordinary, everyday things to him - this annoys him, because he always knows what they are going to say-
Favorite sayings- “Groundhog Day is Stupid!”-
Pet peeves- imperfections
Passion to help the world- none
Goal- 1st- to get rich- 2nd- to end Groundhog Day (the repeating day)
Obsessions/addictions- getting as much money as possible, to end the day because it won’t stop repeating
Problem he wants to solve- he’s living a nightmare- he relives the same day everyday- he sees the same people everyday- they have the same conversation everyday- he knows it’s repeated, but they don’t- he’s feels isolated- he can predict what’s happening, He can’t stop it. He can’t change it.
What he thinks about himself- he’s better than anyone else and he is perfect
Lessons learned- life isn’t all about money and greed- you should not be cruel to others for no reason. Nothing’s perfect.

Google- Booker T. Washington~ Find one fact about him that you want to place in your memory palace. Find a fact you don't already know.  Does Booker T. Washington have anything in common with your fantasy character?
Music- Wow! Ms. Yourke has some competition! Great moves for Eye of the Tiger! Read over My Generation  and see if you think there's a message there. Is it an important message? Does it still apply today?

January 5th 2015
Happy New Year!!!! Great work today!
Were you happy with your behavior grade today?
Hope to see you on the Eagle Trip! There are still seats left, so let your friends know!
Make sure you have all your holiday homework completed!
Music- Work on some moves for the musical selection Eye of the Tiger. The lyrics are on the songs page. Omar, I noticed you had some great moves!
Social Studies- Why is "mutual cooperation" important throughout history? Write a full page in your notebook.
Vocabulary/Google- Review these words and phrases tonight- Langston Hughes, reinvent, Renaissance, migrate north, The Great Migration, pioneers, hopes, dreams, culture, mobility= freedom, self realization, Jim Crow, diverse, harass, 2nd Class citizens, step off sidewalk, no eye contact, white supremacy, Go West!, Ida B. Wells, Memphis, free speech, spoke truth to power, economic jealousy, cleaned- harvested crops- cared for children- sewed- served- Booker T. Washington- mutual cooperation- mediator
Math- Complete these problems on loose leaf. Check your work first using multiplication. If necessary, use a calculator. Get this work signed if you want credit. 
1- 128.8÷23
2- 18.50÷74
3- 1424÷ 89
4- 5.070÷65
5- 69.6÷12
6- 7.20÷ 45
7- 18000÷ 90
8- 1.8000÷ 90
9- 1800÷90
10- 18÷9
11- 1.8÷9
Math- Congrats for completing your first math binder! Yahoo!


Holiday Homework! (Yeah, I know. Just a little.)
Read- Historical Fiction- Some parents are telling me that you are telling them that there's no homework. Hmmm. By now you should have read multiple HF books. Is that the case? If not, you have some catching up to do.
ELA- You will receive 3 reading selections that require short answers.  Along with these selections you will also receive the answer key. Can you guess why?
Extra Credit Reading Challenge- I'll discuss this with you tomorrow.
MATH- You will receive a new packet to replace the old packet. Your homework for the holiday will be to read, yes, read, the packet. Place a star next to any problem you think you already know how to solve.
Math- You will also receive the recent assessment we just took. You can review this with your parents.
St. Jude- Let's try to reach our goal!
Writing- By tomorrow everyone should have chosen the thesis for their Persuasive Essays. Make sure you pick something you are eager to debate. We'll put some time in on this tomorrow and Friday, but you know there's not much teaching time because of the show. Nevertheless, I'm hoping that these essays can be completed by next Tuesday. Review the rubric notes from several days ago to focus your thoughts.
Writing- I know we haven't shared your Greenwood pieces yet. Can't wait!
Art- Think of a beautiful design for the cardboard hand insert!
Bring your costume tomorrow!  You were wonderful today!

Friday December 12, 2014
Enjoy your weekend! See you at B&N on Sunday!
St. Jude
Math- You know this!- http://www.mathsisfun.com/dividing-decimals.html
This should look familiar- http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/58856.html
REMEMBER- We did the same thing in class, but we divided using partial products. If you already have the long division algorithm you're good to go!
Don't worry. It's hard, but not as hard as it looks. Use a calculator to check your work.
PRACTICE for Monday!!! You were looking good today. On Monday you'll look great!
$5 per person for Holiday Breakfast next Friday~ Invite your parents!
Look at this letter from Green Wood guys! I think Steve enjoyed the tour as much as we did. These notes will help with your writing! Wasn't that nice of him?

Thursday December 11, 2014

W- Make believe you're one of the inventors we discussed today. Then follow this inventor through Greenwood as he/she stops to talk to other residents. Make sure you include things that the inventors do, say, and think. Make pictures in our minds, or you could be yourself interviewing some of the residents there. Play with these ideas
SS- Key Words from Greenwood Trip- con-versation, hotdogs, trolley, Chester jennings, Elias Hall, family tree, Charles Feldman, Fannie, limestone, inventors, monument, angels, baseball, william J. Chin, firefighter, green parrots, Argentina, wealth, nature, dead, Brooklyn, Croton Watershed, historical, picnic, Jello, cotton gin, granite stone, buried, Henry Chadwick, Scull, Pratt, Ellis, Mutterer, gyroscope- Elmer Sperry, Greenwood, graves, tombs, relation, Sarah Bedall, Abram Hewitt, room service, Cooper Union, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Arthor, breathing, acid rain, funeral, snitch from Harry Potter- globes of perfection, apprentice, baseball globe, idioms, bratwurst, poetry, Jello, Brazil- I am an old monkey, Lady Liberty- she's a babe, 92 year old lady- played with the daughter of Charles Feltman- hotdog- nicest house on Carroll St, acres, Peter Cooper, culture, dates?,  etc, etc,  etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,. Get the point?
Math- Great focus on the assessment today and yesterday! By the break we will have completed all the pages in your blue binder. Yeah! Before you leave for holiday you will receive a new packet to replace the old packet. Your homework for the holiday will be to read, yes, read, the packet. Place a star next to any problem you think you already know how to solve.
R- You know what to do! Enjoy historical fiction!

Math- By next week
Wednesday December 10, 2014
W- Topic for tonight's essay- Should the sale of cigarettes be banned? ( You can revise this statement if you wish. Try to research at least two opposing opinions before you choose the side you want to debate. Use the suggestions from Monday night to guide your writing and your revision. Think about this: Does a persuasive essay need a great lead? Is that the same as a thesis statement. Make sure you include the websites you researched to help shape your opinion on this. Include or discuss statistics, data, photos that might help you sway your reader.
Math- All the pages we listed are due tomorrow.
Reading- Be prepared for book clubs. The "fish" did a great job today! Will you be ready for Friday's discussion?
Think- Think about the assessment you took today. What were your strengths? Your weaknesses?
Trip on Thursday-That's tomorrow!  Be prepared with lunch. We'll be studying the great inventors of NY! Rain or shine! Remember, we will be traveling by Trolley. Adult tickets are $10 Feel free to join us if you like.
Extra Credit- Collect info on the great inventors that reside at Greenwood. I'll get you started. Who's Peter Cooper? Peter Cooper
St. Jude- Continue to collect donors and work on your math booklet.

Take a look at this~ I hope some of you take advantage of this! I'll be meeting the tour upstate. I'm not sure if there are any seats left! Check it out eagle lovers. 

Eagle Watch Bus Tour
January 10, 2015 Excursion to the Upper Delaware River in New York and Pennsylvania
Board the bus at Patagonia SoHo
Take a scenic drive throughout the beautiful Upper Delaware River region Learn from an eagle expert on board the bus Stop at Eagle Observation Areas to look through spotting scopes to see eagles in the wild Enjoy snacks and lunch at the Lackawaxen Inn overlooking the Delaware River
**KIDS UNDER 12 FREE** (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).
Adults—$25 per person, includes transportation, tour, snacks, and lunch. Advance reservations required. Tour runs 9am-5pm. Snow date January 11, 2015.
TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER: Visit www.DelawareHighlands.org/newsevents Call 845-583-1010 ext. 6 Email info@delawarehighlands.org

Tuesday December 9, 2014
W- Topic for tonight's essay-(Chosen by Julian)- Should violent video games be banned? use the suggestions from last night to guide your writing and your revision.
Math- All the pages you were given will be due on Thursday except the next page of word problems. Use your notebook and your conversion chart to guide you.
Reading- Be prepared for book clubs.
Think- Think about the movie we've been watching. Does anything in particular surprise you. Discuss it with your parent.
Trip on Thursday- Be prepared with lunch. We'll be studying the great inventors of NY!

Monday December 8, 2014

Math- Blue binder- 2.D.30 and 2.D.31(there are 12 inches in a foot)
Math- Prepare for retest if necessary
Little Buddy- You know what to do!
R- Historical Fiction
Writing- Topic for persuasive essay- Should NYC enact a fee for single use plastic bags?
Here are a few websites that you can reference for the essay you write tonight. There are pro and con articles and websites. Always consider the website's mission. There are tons more websites.  

  1. http://www.dep.state.fl.us/waste/retailbags/pages/list_USA.htm#NewYork
  2. https://www.chicobag.com/track-movement
  3. http://mycrains.crainsnewyork.com/blogs/polls/2014/11/should-the-city-make-people-pay-for-shopping-bags/
  4. http://www.bagtheban.com/learn-the-facts/recycling
  5. https://alumni.stanford.edu/get/page/magazine/article/?article_id=30162 (this is 5 years old)
  6. http://www.apmbags.com/bagmyths (This site is written by The American Plastics Manufacturing)
  7. http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/amall/choosing_to_reduce_my_petro-fo.html
  8. http://www.salon.com/2014/06/01/why_the_u_s_plastics_industry_loves_the_fracking_boom_partner/
  9. http://www.alleghenyfront.org/story/shale-gas-fuels-gulfs-chemical-industry
  10. http://ecologycenter.org/plastics/
  11. There are many more. Just Google.
Do you have a clear thesis?
Do you have at least 3 supporting reasons?
Are your reasons supported by meaningful evidence? Try to include at least 4 or 5 pieces of evidence. You can always add more.
Are your paragraphs built around your thesis?
Did you elaborate on your evidence to support your reasons?
Do you have transitions that help your paragraphs flow smoothly?
Did you leave your reader thinking more deeply about your point of view?

Friday December 2014

You should all be very proud of the work you did these week, especially in SS. 
Green Dreamers- We'll continue our work with teachers and staff next week. We'll plan our visit to Ms. Scott, and we'll start thinking about a letter to send out school wide. Dream In Green!
Math- I know you can do these problems using partial quotients.
Can you figure these problems out?
Math- Test on Engage word problems we've been working on this week.
W/SS- We'll continue sharing our essays next week.
W/SS- Letter to Ms. West- 2 written pages- Write neatly please!
SS- Why is the Emancipation Proclamation such an important document? Talk about this with your parents- Not sure? Research it more thoroughly.
R- Enjoy your HISTORICAL FICTION reading this weekend. Be ready to talk about one of the main characters from your book on Monday. Is your character doing or saying anything that surprises you? (You can use your notes. Remember to note the page numbers you want to refer to.)
R- Get yourself to the library this weekend. Explore some of the books on the booklists I gave you. Do you have a library card?
$- Please bring in money for Thursday's trip- $10. Holiday Show money is due also. 

Wednesday December 3nd, 2014 (Due Friday)
TRIP! Bring lunch and be ON TIME please! Bring your SS notebook and several sharpened pencils. You may also bring your cameras.
W- Send your NONfiction work to me revised and edited. Your font should be no bigger that 12. (Try to send it by tonight.) If you print it in school, your pictures will not be in color. Help me save paper by single spacing your document. EDITING-Help yourself out by using Word, or see if there's another application that checks grammar.
Skills- What is passive voice? Here's a site that might be helpful. Active/Passive Voice
Buddy Work- Bring in your piece, if you haven't already. Add your buddy's comments, like Sophia E. did!
R- Enjoy your HISTORICAL FICTION reading tonight. Be ready to talk off of your notes about one of the main characters on Friday.
R- Estimate the number of pages that you think you'll be able to read tonight. Then challenge yourself. Keep a chart. 
Vocabulary- racially motivated, controversy, allegations, faulty evidence, questionable eyewitnesses, inconsistent. Tell the story of "Hurricane" to an adult using some of these vocabulary words.
Music- Congrats to all the rappers who shared their song today!
M- 450 x 709 Solve this both ways
M- Complete the handout from today. Use your notes please.
SS- Continue with your Civil War packets. If you are behind, make sure you double up. We will complete these readings by Friday. You should have at least 10 published pages of reactions.
W- Write a short reaction to the content in Haskell's piece he read today. Reread the pieces you wrote. You may want to revise before you share. Nice work Haskell! Great solutions!
Green dreamers- Be ready to visit your adopted adult. Get your facts straight! Consider your audience. Always be respectful. Find a strategy that works for you. 
St. Jude- Start contacting your list of the people you will be trying to persuade to make donations to St. Jude. 
Google- Hudson Valley Fresh Milk is used at Culture- Explore this site. Under articles and news you'll find very cool videos. Hudson Valley Fresh Videos
Greenwood- Trip NEXT Thursday. If parents would like to go, let me know. The price is $10.00.
SS/W/R- On Friday we'll be exploring quotes from several famous writers of historical fiction. Here they are. 

  1. Monica, Livermore, Ca, United States
    Well done historical fiction can hang flesh on the bones and breathe life into the lungs of the departed. It can also open one's eyes to new possibilities and explain subtle mysteries. In my first novel ":A Road we Do Not Know" I explored the dynamics of the classic battle of Little Bighorn and was delighted to receive notes from historians who informed me that they now had a better appreciation for why Custer's Indian scout Bloody Knife left his commander's side during the fight - to pursue a personal vendetta. 
  2. Michael Frayn writes in his postscript about his published play 
    Copenhagen which 
    recreates a famous moment, the race to develop the atomic bomb

    "The great challenge is to get inside people's heads, to stand where they stood and see the world as they saw it, to make some informed estimate of their motives and intentions. The only way into the protagonists' heads is through the imagination."


Tuesday December 2nd, 2014
W- There is a one day extension for you NONfiction pieces. I need to teach the editing lesson tomorrow BEFORE you send your work to me.
Skills- What is a sentence fragment? What is a proper noun? (Give examples of both)
R- Enjoy your NONFICTION reading tonight. What do you like about the strategies the writer is using to engage you? Write a short blurb in your RN. Be specific.
R- Estimate the number of pages that you think you'll be able to read tonight. Then challenge yourself.
Music- Research on Youtube- PS10(add the song)
M- Go over the problems you had trouble with today. Check the few pages we missed with a calculator. If you were tutored today, please write a short thank you letter to your tutor. Be specific about what you learned.
M- 456 x 789 Solve this both ways
SS- Continue with your Civil War packets. If you are behind, make sure you double up. We will complete these readings by Friday. You should have at least 10 published pages of reactions.
W- Choose another topic from the Debate/Persuasive Essay Topic List to write off off. (2 pages in notebook) Send it to one of your friends from school. Then call each other and hear your partners reactions.
Green dreamers- Be ready to visit your adoptive parent. Remember, this may be tricky!
St. Jude- Make a list of the people you will be trying to persuade to make donations to St. Jude. Try to get at least 5.
Google- Culture (the frozen yogurt store on 5th avenue in Park Slope
Court Tours- Trip on Thursday
Greenwood- Trip NEXT Thursday

Monday December 1st 2014
R- Tomorrow we will choose historical fiction books. Enjoy your NONFICTION reading tonight.
M- Go over the problems you had trouble with.
W- All students received a final writing conference. You will make your final revisions tonight. Tomorrow we will discuss editing. Your final piece needs to be placed in my doc folder by Tuesday evening. Make sure I have editing privileges.  Do NOT send a piece that has not been both revised AND edited. If you add a picture make sore it is mentioned in your piece. 
SS- Continue with your Civil War packets. If you are behind, make sure you double up. We will complete these readings by Friday. You should have at least 10 published pages of reactions.
W- Choose a topic from the Debate/Persuasive Essay Topic List to write off off. (2 pages in notebook) Write down the topics from the second section that you think we should include in our list.
SS/W- read over the Math-a-thon flyer. 
Green Dreamers- What will your next GD initiative be? Are you ready to speak to the adult that you adopted? Will it be different than talking to a class? 
SS- Go to the Class 5-403 blog page and read about how former classes were able to use their power of persuasion to raise money for a very good cause. Follow the highlighted directions.  

Monday November 24th 2014
The feast will begin at 11:00. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come. We will give thanks and celebrate. You have all worked so hard this year! I know you are all trying your best, and I give thanks for that. You all get your class and homework done. That's not an easy task. Make sure you have something SPECIFIC to give thanks for tomorrow. We will be sharing our thoughts throughout the celebration.
W- Be prepared for your writing conference tomorrow. 
M- We added these pages to the final list- 2.B.66 and 67 and 78- 2.C.9 and 10 and 18 and 19- 
W- Little Buddy share writing piece must be sent in via Google dics- Please place it directly in the folder.
SS- Tell your parents about your Green Dreamer visit! How can you make it better next time?
R- Nonfiction- As you're reading tonight collect vocabulary again.

Friday November 21st 2014
Please let Aiden know what what you will be bringing for Tuesday's feast. He'll coordinate with his dad, our class parent. Thanks Mike and Aiden. I'll supply the paper products and the biodegradable utensils and tablecloths.
Math- Review pages due on the Monday after the holiday. 
1.E.25 and 26
1.F.8 and 9 and 34 and 35 and 37 and 40 and 48 and 49
2.A.12 and 21 and 22 and 25
2.B.10 and 11 and 13 and 15 and 41 and 49 and 53 and 54 and 61 and 62
W- It's so exciting to see your revisions. You will continue this work this weekend. Write your new revisions in another color please. I want to see your progress. Make their location clearly. 
Remember Gabby's advice~ Reread! Reread!Reread!Reread!Reread!Reread!Reread!!!!!
SS/Green Dreamers starts on Monday- be prepared to shared the most interesting, shocking, fact you know about garbage! Is your button ready? Practice!
SS- Packet work- Include vocabulary collection in your notes. Make this reaction your best one yet.
R- Nonfiction- As you're reading tonight collect vocabulary again.
W- Write a reaction to your buddy experience today. Send it to me. Put it in the correct folder. Thanks for making sure that "No Buddy is Left Behind".
M- Practice our new song.

Thursday November 20th 2014
SS- Practice the new song. It's posted on the song page. Try to put a tune to your "Ode to John Brown"
Class Rules- due tomorrow
W- Revise your nonfiction draft. Show all your revisions on the printed document only. DO NOT REVISE THE TYPED PIECE YET. Refer to your revision packet often. 
Math- see Wednesday for pages in blue binder
R- Nonfiction- As you're reading tonight collect vocabulary. Let me show you what I mean. Here are the vocabulary words we collected today during morning school. We were reading  
"Slaves and Ships" and here are the words we we're not sure of.

Provisions- food
Naval- of the navy
Dutch- Netherlands
Jamestown Virginia in 1619- slave trade began
Negro- dark skinned
Indentured servants- works seven years and earned freedom
Century- 100 years

Inherit- get property from parents when they die

Merchants- a seller of goods

Molasses- dark honey-like sweetener made from sugar used to make rum

Business- company

Rum- liquor

Plantation- large farm- tobacco or cotton or sugar (cash crop)

Quarters- homes

Labor- work

Trade- carpenter, blacksmith, bricklayer

House servant- works in the master’s house

Field slaves-

1861- 400,000 lived in the cities

Math- Complete your height chart
Math- What is your height in nanometers? A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

Wednesday November 19th 2014

For Those Attending Morning School- Please be at school by 7:40. I'll pick you up in the lunchroom.
Math- Due on Friday- All review 1.D.11- 1.D.14- 1.D.21-1.D.22- 1.D.23- 1.D.24-1.D.25- 1.E.21-1.E.22 
Get a new supply of sharpened pencils please. Do you have a pencil case?
SS- Class rules- Make a list of class rules that will help our class run smoothly. Due Friday. I'll get you started. 1. Work ripped out of notebooks will not be accepted
SS- What's your opinion of Mark Twain so far? Share this with a parent.
Google- List three documentaries that Ken Burns was involved in
Question- Who said this? "I was one of the only professional listeners around"
SS- Continue with the packets- Complete your work for the day
R- Nonfiction Enjoy!
W/M- Write a short piece about how you feel about presenting in front of the class.
M- measure yourself in inches and centimeters 

Tuesday November 18th 2014

Complete work for Ms. Carlucci
Math- The length of a school bus is 12.6 meters.  If 9 school buses park end to end with 2 meters between each one, what’s the total length from the front of the bus to the end of the last bus?
We did the above problem in class.
Now substitute 12.6 with 15.4 and 9 with 5. Solve the new problem.
Math- 1.7 ÷ 2    3.8÷ 5    2.6÷4    4.16÷8    7.3÷5    6.1÷5   9.6÷3    5.2÷2    8.4÷2    10.5÷2
SS/W- Write your ode to John Brown using the notes you took during the read aloud. Decide if you think he's worthy of fame or infamy 
(loose leaf) 
You all said this would help- On Ode to My Gourd

Write phrases describing your gourd
* What is your gourd like?
* How does your gourd make you feel?
* Why do you feel this way?
* Explain why your gourd is important to you?
* Join some of your phrases into lines for your ode.
* Remember they do have to rhyme! ababcdecde

SS- Complete your reaction piece to today's in-class reading
R- Nonfiction

Friday November 14th 2014
This year's Girls Read for Girls 2014 event will take place this weekend: Sunday, November 16th from 1 - 4 p.m. Brooklyn Public Library - Central Branch (Grand Army Plaza) 
Spelling Bee will take place on Monday in class. Please study. The two winners will compete with winners from other classes. Good Luck!
W/Trip- Write a letter to a friend trying to convince them to visit the NY Public Library we were at today. Fill it with wonderful facts that you learned and interesting comments. You could even include a quote, or two. Have fun! Due Tuesday.
SS- Read your 2nd handout. Collect key words and phrases. Close the packet. Write the key points. Then write a full page of comments on the points. Looseleaf is fine. Print out at home if you want to type, or send via Docs.
IMPORTANT-Google Docs- Some of your documents are not getting shared into the proper folders. PLEASE help me out with this. There's one more thing. PLEASE put your full name, your date, and your TITLES on all your docs that you share with me. Each document must be named properly. I should not have to open a document to see who's it is. 
W- Do not leave your revision packet at home. We will work with this on Tuesday. Reread it if you get a chance. Be ready to discuss it on Tuesday.
Read- Nonfiction- I'm seeing a wider variety of nonfiction books being read. Very nice guys!
CONGRATS!!! You received 2 complements at the gift shop today!
What an awesome trip! Thank Haskell's mom for setting it up. Also thank Robert and Gary for accompanying us today. 
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday November 13th 2014
Spelling Bee will take place on Monday in class. Please study. The two winners will compete with winners from other classes.
Trip tomorrow- Come prepared with lunch. If we have time I will want to visit the gift shop. Don't be late. We will leave at 8:45 sharp. Dress in layers if it's cold.
SS- Read your handout. Collect key words and phrases. Close the packet. Write the key points. Then write a full page of comments on the points. Looseleaf is fine. Print out at home if you want to type.
Read- Nonfiction
Writing- Read over the REVISION packet I gave you. We will revisit this next week in class.
Writing Share- Your War Experience pieces are amazing. As you can see by now, this is a very complex issue. How did you like the visit from Mr. Davis? We will share the rest next week. I think reading one another's pieces added a new dimention. What do you think?
Ode to a Gourd- I loved your pieces. Take care of those little guys if you still have them.
Math- Have fun! Due on Tuesday.
This number is less than 30. This number of tiles will make a square. This number of tiles will make a rectangle 2 tiles wide. This number is greater than 5. Number it could be:  ____________

This number of tiles will make a rectangle 2 tiles wide. This number of tiles will make a rectangle 4 tiles wide. This number of tiles will make a rectangle 5 tiles wide. This number is less than 50.
Numbers it could be:  ____________  or ________________

This number has 3 digits. This number is less than 300. This number is a multiple of 40. This number is a multiple of 60. Numbers it could be:  ____________  or _________________

This number is a square number. This number has 2 digits. This number is a multiple of 9. This number is even. Numbers it could be:  ____________  or _________________

This number is a square number. This number is even. This number is prime. This number is prime. Numbers it could be:  ____________  or _________________

This number is a multiple of 35.This number is a multiple of 25. This number is a multiple of 2. This number is less than 400. Numbers it could be:  ____________  

This number is a multiple of 3. This number has 2 digits. The sum of the digits in this number is greater than 15. This number is odd. Number it could be:  ____________

This number has 3 digits. This number is a multiple of 11. The sum of the digits in this number is 10.
This number is less than 200. Numbers it could be:  ____________  

This number is a square number. This number is odd.
405 is a multiple of this number. This number is less than 100. Number it could be:  ____________  

363 is a multiple of this number. This number is a square number. This number is less than 300. This number is odd. Number it could be:  ____________ 

Wednesday November 12th 2014
Spelling- There will be a preliminary spelling bee on the document I gave you today. Study as much as you can
Math- Do the handout
SS/R- Did you start your first reading packet? Remember, you are required to read all the documents. Try your best to read the numbered ones in order. You will take notes and then you will write the key points of the piece in your notebook. From these key points you will write a 1 page response. It will be your reaction to what you read and it must be on looseleaf. You can work at your own pace on this, but you must hand in at least on for each day,
Read- Nonfiction!!!
Dear Writers- Nice work on your first draft! You have showed me that you are finally falling in love with nonfiction! (Watch out Rick R.~ You know who I mean!) The next step will be to ask yourselves a few questions about your pieces, and find out what parts might need a little work. Then we'll talk about what strategies you might use to revise. You'll be getting a packet tomorrow that might make this all a little easier for you.

  1. First of all, you'll want to ask yourself if there are any places the reader might be confused, because, believe me, that's the LAST thing you want.
  2. Are you happy with your lead? Have you tested it on a trusted friend who will tell you the truth. By the way, always get a second opinion.
  3. Does your piece need a background paragraph? Will your readers be familiar with your topic? Does this topic have historical importance that you shouldn't leave out? Hmm, that's a tricky one.You could survey some of your friends? They may know who the Muppets are, but they might not recognize Jim Henson's name. 
  4. You'll want to revisit the basics. I've said this a lot, but I cannot stress it enough. Does your piece have a structure that makes sense to you as a reader. The ABC format was simple for those writers, because each of their pages stood alone. Your piece is different. So, if you need to mark headings, or subtopics, or paragraphs, then please do. Take another look at some of the Passageways books you've been reading
  5. And, if you used a quote in your piece, you'll need to ask yourself if it connected well with a point that you were trying to make. No tangents please!
  6. Also, does your piece have a personal tone? No? Remember the ABC books and how much they were able to draw you in? Do you want your piece to do that? Some of those comments were pretty funny, while sticking to a point.
  7. And here's something fun you'll want to do, since your classmates are our target audience! Reread your piece to see if there are any facts YOU want to comment on. It's ok to do this, but you'll need to be careful that your comment stresses your point, and whatever you do, don't overdo it. It's nonfiction, not a memoir!  
  8. Remember the "booger" piece with the baseball comparisons. I know I'll never forget those flying "boogers" the next time I sneeze! Try a comment with a comparison, but again, be careful that it's not out in "left field"! It's your job to make sure every comment in your piece, and every sentence in your piece flows smoothly into one another.
  9. Was I redundant? Because if I was redundant, I really and truly don't want to be redundant, even though I just love to say that word redundant. And even if I didn't like to say that word redundant, I would still not want to be or say redundant. I hope I wasn't redundant. I wasn't, was I? Can you say redundant 10 times? NO, 10 times FAST!!
  10. Hold off on your conclusions. We'll need to explore a lot of texts to find just the right one for your masterpiece!

Monday November 10th 2014

Thank a veteran tomorrow!
W- Send me your typed draft by 7:00 tomorrow night. Good writing!!
SS- Study your vocabulary
SS- Find a Civil War that the class might like to learn
R- Nonfiction
M- See Friday's homework
PTC- Let me know when you would like a conference.
We will share our War Stories on Wednesday.

Friday November 7th 2014
Hope to see you all at the auction tonight! Your parents are working hard to raise funds for P.S. 10!
Parents- I would like to thank all of you for sharing with us today. 
Parents- I will send home the conference appointments on Monday. If anyone is able to meet with me Wednesday after school instead, please let me know. 
SS/W-  Write a letter to Jimmy. Reference some of the things he taught us and shared with us. Then comment on those things. Amjad~ Please thank your dad for sharing his life story with us. I learned so much, and I'm sure the others did too! I can't wait to see your letters and comments.
Middle Schools- Thinking ahead- You will be writing resumes soon. What is a resume?
W- Continue writing the letter you (I) started in class today. Try to zoom in on some specifics.
I have copied the  samples below. I added one more.
Student 1
 To Whom It May Concern:

It has been a pleasure to teach----------- this year.  I nominated her to the PS 10 Student Council Executive Board early in the year, because she is not only an outstanding student in my class, she is also astute at discourse on almost any topic. She is quick witted and articulate in both large and small group collaborations and is comfortable with both adults and her peers.

_________sets a wonderful tone in the classroom, because she is an active participant with a great attitude. She excels in all curriculum areas and is careful to address rubrics, lessons and models to guide her studies. Her pertinent, point-of-clarification questions help focus all the students in all curriculum areas. 

_________is particularly good at holding her own during a debate. Her memory is sharp. She has a vast knowledge of social studies and history that she draws on to make insightful connections. In addition, _________is quite an active, knowledgeable environmentalist.

_________ writes successfully in all genres. A writing conference with ________ is always interesting, because she is very comfortable discussing her work. She is always eager to make a great writing piece even better. Her confident, engaging style makes for good reading. 

Reading is another of ________’s attributes.  She has strong stamina and reads a variety of genres above her grade level. During read aloud she is often the first to lead the discussion. She consistently asks the more thought-provoking questions and answers the more complex ones.

_________ loves a challenge in math. She especially loves solving word problems and sharing strategies that she finds intriguing.

She enjoys tutoring her classmates and she’s good at it, especially in social studies. She is calm, methodical and focused. Her peers see her as a role model for many reasons; she is always thoughtful, empathetic and focused on tasks at hand.
Student 2
To Whom It May Concern:

_______is presently a student in my 5th Grade class. It has been a pleasure to teach him this year.

When______ isn’t reading, he’s thinking about reading. ______does not go anywhere without at least 3 books and a Nook. His eyes light up when you mention his favorite authors, of which there are many. When we do math projects _______always integrates his love of books. When we were developing data charts _______decided to chart all the pages in every book he owns. When we made percentage graphs, _______made a list of favorite authors. When I brought in some of my personal favorites from my grade school years ______was the first to borrow one. At times, his space gets a little cluttered with books, but luckily he still manages to get all his assignments completed.

_______has now realized what the balance means in “Balanced Literacy”, and that good writing often goes hand in hand with being a good reader. ______was always a good writer, but now he has discovered that writing is almost as fun as reading, especially when you’re as good a reader as he is. ______has a rather intuitive sense when it comes to rating good writing. He’s quick to point out evidence of successful strategies. This is probably due to the volume of text that he consumes. _______and several friends have started their own newspaper and it’s become quite a hit. Many other students are now anxious to get involved.

______enjoys debating. He especially likes a political debate. Once his mom shared that_____’s favorite show was the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour on PBS. I didn’t think much of it until we started debating in class. Our study of the Civil War led us to a study about the pros and cons of war. ______came prepared to talk about not only the Civil War, but also most of the wars in the Middle East, as well as the Vietnam War.

_______is an excellent math student. He offers to help correct tests and tutor in the class regularly. He loves to share alternative strategies during class.  He works efficiently.

_____is full of school spirit. He loves to get involved in all activities.

Student 3

To Whom It May Concern:

_________ is presently a student in my 5th grade class. It has been a pleasure and an honor to teach him this year. ________ is at the very top of my class, above grade level across the curriculum.

When_______ shares his thoughts, the other students listen carefully. During literacy _______ consistently offers clear, logical insight. He sees connections that others often miss. ________ will research information without any prodding and then he uses the information to make inferences and further connections. He loves to research social studies topics. His last research project on Clara Barton showed an incredible effort. The connection that _______ has made to this amazing historical figure has been so exciting for me, as an educator, to watch. I know that Clara Barton is someone ________ will never forget. When_______ talks about Clara he seems he is talking about a dear friend. I would venture to say that ________ will often return to the inspiration that he gained from studying Clara Barton. 

________ approaches all assignments with the same focus and vigor. He  loves accountable talk literacy circles. He always comes prepared ready to listen and participate 100%. 

_______ can read for hours, ignoring any distractions. He also loves math and has great math stamina. He is a member of the accelerated after school Math Club. He often volunteers to tutor at lunch.

_______ has such a kind, gentle, humble way about him. His presence is always appreciated by teachers and students alike. He deals will people and situations in a sensitive, effective way. I see him as a future diplomat. 

I understand he is also an amazing violinist. I can see why. I look forward to hearing him play!    

Student 4

To Whom It May Concern:

____________ is presently a student in my 5th grade class. It has been a pleasure to teach him this year. _____________ is an excellent listener. I have seen tremendous growth in the few short months he has been in my class. 

____________ is a diligent worker. He is extremely focused and is progressing beautifully in all curriculum areas. He is an active participant in small group collaborations. He is always kind and courteous. _____________ is articulate and calm when sharing and explaining strategies. 

_______________ is quiet and studious. He loves to read and write in all genres. _________ has been working very hard at developing his writing. He writes extensively and well. He refers to the rubrics and the models we discuss in class to improve his writing. ____________ is quiet, but his voice comes through in his writing. ___________ also loves learning and discussing interesting facts in social studies. 

___________ is well respected by his peers. His behavior is excellent. 

R- Nonfiction 
Little Buddies- We may have Little Buddies on Monday. If we cannot make it, we will try and reschedule for Wednesday. Come prepared to do another lesson, just in case.
R/W- Reread your draft and be ready to continue your writing in school on Monday.

Math- (loose leaf please) (Circle your answers) (Number the problems clearly)These problems are due next Wednesday. They are a little challenging, but I know you can do them. Draw pictures to get yourself started. If you would like to volunteer to be a math tutor during your lunch break, let me know. You will receive volunteer points.

1.  A movie theater has two rooms.  Room A has 9 rows of seats with 18 in each row.  Room B has three times as many seats as Room A.  How many seats are there in both rooms?
2.  The high school art teacher has 9 cases of crayons with 52 boxes in each case.  The elementary school art teacher has 6 cases of crayons with 104 boxes in each case.  How many total boxes of crayons do both teachers have?  Is your answer reasonable?  Explain.
3.  Farmer Jim keeps 12 hens in every coop.  If Farmer Jim has 20 coops, how many hens does he have in all?  If every hen lays 9 eggs on Monday, how many eggs will Farmer Jim collect on Monday?  Explain your reasoning using words, numbers, or pictures.
1.  96 pencils come in a box.  If 4 teachers share 3 boxes equally, how many pencils does each teacher receive?
Last year, Mr. Petersen’s rectangular garden had a width of 5 meters and an area of 20 meters.  This year he wants to make the garden three times as long and two times as wide.
A.  How much area for planting will Mr. Petersen have in the new garden?
B.  Last year, Mr. Petersen had a fence all the way around his garden.  He can reuse all of the fence he had around the garden last year, but he needs to buy more fencing to go around this year’s garden.  How many more meters of fencing is needed for this year’s garden than last year’s?
C.  Last year Mr. Petersen was able to plant 4 rows of carrots with 13 plants in each row.  This year he plant to plant twice as many rows with twice as many plants in each row.  How many carrot plants will be plant this year?  Write a multiplication equation to solve.   Assess the reasonableness of your answer.
A new grocery store is opening next week.

a.  The store’s rectangular floor is 42 meters long and 39 meters wide.  How many square meters of flooring do they need?  Use estimation to assess the reasonableness of your answer.
b.  The store ordered small posters and large posters to promote their opening.  Twelve times as many small posters were ordered as large posters.  If there were 48 large posters, how many more small posters were ordered than large posters?
c.  Uniforms are sold in packages of 8.  The store’s 127 employees will each be given 3 uniforms.  How many packages will the store need to order? 

Thursday November 6th 2014

Sorry this is late.
M- Do the pages we marked today in class. Review any problems you got wrong.
M- Any ideas for the mural?! Jot them down. We will work on this in Parents as Learning Partners.
W- Spend some time writing your nonfiction piece.
R- Nonfiction texts and articles. You can also listen to podcasts and take notes, or read along with the podcast. Always take notes.
SS- Why are there 9 Supreme Court judges? Why not 7 or 11?

Wednesday November 5th 2014
W- Don't forget about the "Little Buddy" pieces! (See the note from yesterday) Gabby is the only one who was able to get her piece in the Project folder. Gabby, will you do a lesson on this tomorrow?
M- Do the pages we marked today in class. Review any problems you got wrong.
M- Read over "Ten Is The Winner" for tomorrow's lesson.
RW- Thanks to Gordon for sharing the first article about Sandy!!!! The pictures really made us understand the importance of this healing event. Now read this article link from Gordon's article. Mark each paragraph like we did in class today. What is this article full of?
W- Reread what you have written thus far in class. What do you like about it? We will continue our writing IN CLASS tomorrow. Reread your notes and decide what your plan of action will be tomorrow. Scroll down and review the lists highlighted in yellow.
W/SS- Write a synopsis of this morning's discussion about the election.
Vocabulary- Review the words and think about what I read from The War Begins by Joy Hakim. I think you may be shocked when you hear what happens next.
R/W- Be ready to discuss the podcast from yesterday's homework. Notes are a must.
Extra Credit- SS- Discuss what the Republican's plan of action will be now that they have a majority in both houses. (loose leaf only)
Extra Credit- SS Discuss the Supreme Court. Focus on any aspect of it that interests you.
Congratulations to all those who participated in all the discussions we had today! You know who you are!! This is a big part of your SS grade and your listening and speaking grade. Come prepared with notes and you'll be able to participate also. I know it's hard, but think about taking the plunge tomorrow!
Keep Googling!! When you hear a question you want an answer to first wonder about it, then Google it. Read over all the Google comments on the homepage. I sent them off to Raymond!
R- What are you reading? Are you reading? Discuss this with your parents.

Tuesday November 2014

Google Docs- IMPORTANT! Is is now possible to go to the 5403ClassProjects Folder and create a document that will go directly into this folder for me to view. You can also drag and drop a document you already created into it. May sure all the documents you send me allow me to edit them. There are several folders there. Put your document in the correct folder. You will also be able to view other student work.

Here's a podcast from today I would like you to listen to. Collect facts from it in your notebook.
Read the transcript also.

Monday November 2014

SS- Ask everyone you meet tomorrow if they have voted. 
W- Write a quick write about your "Little Buddy" experience. Revise, edit and publish it. Send it via Google Docs.
SS- Study your vocabulary. 
M- Complete the 4 pages you marked today in school.
M- Watch the election coverage on the news or on the web. Pay particular attention to any graphs and data sheets that you find.  
M- Complete the 5 pages of word problems in your blue binder. We put them in the front of the binder.
R- Continue reading nonfiction text. Take notes using strategies discussed. If you STILL need to collect information for your nonfiction piece, then this is the time to do it.
W- Throughout this week you will be writing your nonfiction pieces in class. Please do not send me anything on Google Docs yet. I enjoyed reading the first draft of your leads. I want you to look at the following document that gives a rubric for your final informative piece. By the end of this unit you should be able to say that you were able to do the following:

1.Introduce a topic clearly

2. Focus and group related information logically

3. Develop the topic with facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples related to the topic.

4. Link ideas within paragraphs and between paragraphs. Use words, phrases, and clauses (e.g., in contrast, especially).

5. Use precise vocabulary

6. Provide a conclusion

Take a good look at this list of things that good writers of informative text do.

  1. Writers may organize events chronologically using a timeline.
  2. Writers use an outline to organize information.
  3. Researchers fill in information gaps.  
  4. Writers consider the order in which they convey information.
  5. Writers stay focused.  All points must support the thesis statement.  
  6. Writers consider what visuals they will supply to the reader to support understanding.  
  7. Writers consider the main idea of each section and make sure that each detail they include supports that main idea.  
  8. Researchers check their facts for accuracy.  (Keep track of your sources!)
  9. Informational writers may include historical background.
  10. Writers immerse themselves in a variety of nonfiction mentor texts before they start to write!   

Friday October 30, 2014 
Happy and Safe Halloween! Save some time for homework!

Little Buddies- Wonderful job with the little buddies today. Make up a short lesson to teach your buddy on Monday. Remember what you shared today? Use that when make up your lesson. Remember, they "look up" to you!
It's that time of year where I look for students who are willing and able to take control of their learning. Show me you can do this! I'm starting to write letters about students for middle schools, and I'm going to want to be able to say that about YOU!
Video- Pick a documentary to watch this weekend. Take notes. Always get your parents' permission first!
Reading- While doing your Nonfiction reading this weekend- Always take notes on key words.  You may choose to go back over your notes and fill in phrases or sentences. Some people have better memories that others, so this may help you. You may be asked to "write off of"  one of these entries, so keep these notes neatly organized in your WN.  You'll need a lot of practice with this, so we'll be doing this often.
SS- (Bump your grades up with Extra Credit!) Congrats to all those who watched the debate! Sparks were flying in that debate! Please take your notes and write a synopsis of what you learned/observed. Be sure to add your internal thought throughout. (looseleaf)
SS- Think about this: Could slavery have been ended without fighting the very terrible Civil War? You may want to discuss this with the person you interviewed for your war piece.
SS/Vocabulary- Review the SS vocabulary from last week. Here are some words and names to get familiar with for next week. 
A NATION DIVIDED- inferior, self- evident, pursuit, Declaration of Independence, slavery, kidnapped, branded, tobacco, Dutch, Jamestown, 1619, indentured servants, morally wrong, territories, Ralph Waldo Emerson, principles, curse, prevails, God's plan.
THE WAR BEGINS- Abe Lincoln, Southerners, Northerners, West Point, Yankees, Confederates, boasting, Fort Sumter, generation, applauded, handkerchief, Bull Run, railroad junction, masonry, crumbling, awakening, picnic baskets, volunteer, disorderly, trained, independent, confusion, Stonewall Jackson, meadows, customary, uniform, wool, flannel, littered, bloodcurdling, calvary, fords, carriages.
Spelling- Read over your list. Did you circle any more words?


  • Reread the notes you have collected over the past two weeks on your focus topic. (I CANNOT stress that enough. Only you know if you have the information you will need to write your piece). Do not come empty-handed. For those of you with poor organization skills, or those of you who have missed class time because of Middle School visits, this is the time to "get your ducks in order".
  • If need be, go back to the chart  Note Taking and Researching Strategies We Tried Out In Class
  • BE PREPARED on Monday to create an outline of what you will include in your nonfiction piece. Some of you have already done this and are ready to begin the hard, but exciting work, of weaving your information together into a beautiful tapestry. 

Note Taking and Researching Strategies We Tried Out In Class

  • Don’t take time on research that won’t help your topic (Don't get distracted) Stay focused on your topic.
  • Be neat!
  • Write down the notes that best help you or collect them on a google document.
  • Find reliable sources and sites- Keep track of these sites and sources (You may be asked to do a fact check)
  • Read and Reread A LOT on your topic
  • Try to find news reports on your topic
  • Look for answers to your questions. Reread your questions. Revise your questions as your topic evolves.
  • If you see something interesting on your topic, try and find a way to connect it to your topic.
  • If you see something interesting copy it, then paste it on a word page. You may use it at a later date.
  • Make sure you know your vocabulary as you are reading. 
  • Don’t plagiarize- Get into the habit of writing down facts or notes in your own words as you're collecting information. If you find yourself "copying" too much, try reading the info, closing the book, then saying what you want to say aloud, and finally, writing it down.
  • Skim for keywords that will help you. Use Apple F to find words in a text. This shortcut saves LOTS of time!
  • Listen to video about your topic a couple of times in case you missed something important. Use the rewind and pause buttons often.
  • Wow! I have learned so much during this study, and I know you have too! I hope some of you fantasy lovers are starting to fall in love with nonfiction! I know it's hard to compete with Harry Potter! 

Math- 4 review pages- time yourselves, and check your work with a calculator
Math- "Calculate the Savings" worksheet
Math- For those of you who want to bump up your grade, please come prepared to spend your lunch period on the retest. Get your math test signed.
Idioms- we heard this week- "take him down a notch"
Music- Practice GOLD and the moves for it.

Sources for Nonfiction- It just keep growing!

  • books, especially Eyewitness books
  • magazines
  • articles on the web
  • podcasts (WNYC- do a search on your topic)
  • encyclopedias
  • wikipedia
  • newspapers
  • websites
  • experts (Wow! Did we learn a lot from Chris at Fresh Kills Park, or what! Did you notice how he was able to answer all the questions we asked? That's really important when doing research.)
  • television programs (new and old)
  • movies 
  • documentaries
  • museums
  • Google- Bing- Brainpop-National Geographic- PBS Kids- PBS- Answers.com- ask.com- NPR podcasts
  • friends' libraries
  • friends (Many of your adult friends are experts on a lot of things. Don't hesitate to ask!)
  • famous quotes websites
  • music- especially ballads
  • dictionaries (on and off-line)
  • poetry
  • biographies or autobiographies
  • artwork
  • cartoons
  • diagrams

  • Thursday October 29th, 2014

    SS- I forgot to tell you!!! Attorney General Schneiderman will be debating John Cahill tonight on NY1 at 7:00. Try to watch some of it. Take some notes to share tomorrow!

    W/Math/R- List as much math information as you can about out trip to Fresh Kill. Fact check it on the web.
    W- Design a poster similar to the What's In The Water Poster we discussed today using the facts we learned. We'll put all your ideas together into a mural. Hope you all enjoyed the trip today!
    W- Be prepared to share all the research you've been collecting tomorrow on your topic.
    Check for ticks please. Anytime you visit the great outdoors this is important.

    Wednesday October 29th, 2014
    Trip tomorrow! Dress in layers! Bring lunch and the new permission slip! You will be taking notes, so come prepared with sharpened pencils.
    Reading- You are all reading nonfiction at home and collecting notes. This is your research. Continue to collect facts that interest you, or that might be helpful when writing your report. You can collect facts in your notebook or on your Google docs. Printing articles at home or your Google doc sheets might be helpful for independent work in school, especially when you do not have access to a computer.
    RW/WW- Use the notes you collected from the "Conservation and You" article to write a synopsis about the article.
    math- Decimal of the day is .29  Have fun! 
    Math- Write a word problem similar to the problem where Randy rides his bike to the school, the library, and the park. Solve it. Draw a diagram to go with the story. (loose leaf) 
    Math- The sum of 4 decimals is 9. Two of the numbers are less than one.
    Math- make up 2 addition of decimal problems and 2 subtraction of decimal problems. Solve them. 
    RW-Here are a few website for Eve, Julian, Henry, and Haskell 

    1. Eve- The Environmental Outlook: Garbage in the World's Oceans Nov. 4, 2014 http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows (You'll be able to listen to this No. 5, 2014)
    2. Henry- http://www.wnyc.org/story/50-great-teachers-socrates-the-ancient-worlds-teaching-superstar/  50 Great Teachers: Socrates, The Ancient World's Teaching Superstar
    3. Julian- http://www.wnyc.org search origami
    4. Haskell- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx_Brothers

    Tuesday October 28th, 2014
    Check this out- find 5 interesting facts
    SS- New Vocabulary- Harriet Tubman, 1849, "conductor", Quakers, Underground Railroad, Susan B. Anthony, 19 trips-300 slaves, David Ruggles, opinion, views, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852), tragic,
    SS- Find your favorite quote by Harriet Tubman! Here's mine: "When I crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such glory over everything. The sun came like gold through the trees and I felt like I was in heaven." (escape to the North in 1849)
    Google- Where was David Ruggles' New York station on the Underground Railroad?
    R/Math- This article was chosen to introduce you to our next Math unit. Read this article and collect notes on every paragraph. Due on Wednesday
    R/W- Continue your reading.

    Comp- Will your Google docs allow you to write on an image? Try it out.

    Monday October 27th, 2014

    I am sorry to say that MOST of you did not do your homework this weekend ;(
    Try and catch up tonight!

    Math- test tomorrow on the following topics- This is all review

    • 1.     Reading a decimal to the thousandths place.
    • 2.     Writing a decimal to the thousandths place in words
    • 3.     Write the expanded form of a decimal ex. 5.4 = 5x1+4x1/10
    • 4.     Write 9 thousandths times 10 in at least 2 ways  ex. .09x10=.9 or 9/10
    • 5.      Represent 200+5x10+6x1+8x1/10+7x6/100+3x9/1000 as a number
    • 6.     Write a numerical expression for this story. Mary is 6 years old. Harry is 5 years less than 7 times her age. Solve the problem.
    • 7.     Will a fraction of a whole number be more or less than the whole number? Yes or No? Why?
    • 8.     Explain how PEMDAS works.
    • 9.     Adding and subtracting decimals ex. 98.6- 3.85 and 98.6 + 3.85
    • 10.  Ordering decimals
    • 11.  The sum of three decimals is 5. Make one  of those numbers less that one.
    • 12.  Review your N/D sheet. There will be several questions from this sheet
    • 13.  Double digit by double digit multiplication

    Focus on reading up on your nonfiction topics
    Here's a little Google help to get you started. Remember, you'll need to focus your research.
    I'm sorry if I missed you. Some students did not tell me what you wanted to focus on. Try and get yourselves to library.


    Sophia E.
    Teddy Roosevelt~ This made him special
    http://www.bartleby.com/53/ (*This site is very interesting to me)

    Dolphins have feelings

    Micah H. How  and why dramas morphed into comedies

    Francesia Cergol- The sun can help solve global warming – Putting the sun to work

    How to get the Rhythm in Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Board Games
    This happens when you get tired of the high-tech game world

    Life after 9/11

    Gabrielle The view from under a microscope~ The mystery of the unseen world (you may want to focus on one creature)

    Cake Cake Cake

    Philosophers came up with questions so hard to answer that they became known as paradoxes

    Plagues affect history

    Winning Strategies of WW1

    Weird things you might not know about dogs

    Micah Fisher
    This is how a cipher (not Cyphers!) works

    Arianna Diaz
    We need sharks!

    How Myths gives our lives meaning

    The world loves soccer

    The magic of the Mars Bar Millionaire/The man behind the Mars Bar fortune

    Living  without computers

    How the Vikings changed from  raiders to farmers

    Sophia Hall
    Charles James stands out



    Carter (I’m not sure what you want to focus on)
    The magic of Jim Henson’s puppets

    Haskell The Marx Brothers
    Life before fame and fortune  or Groucho(Is that what/who you decided?)

    Gordon Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel comics
    Theme/Focus?  (How the fantasy world……….) (Explore the mind of Stan Lee….
    You guys are on your own. I did not receive a focus/theme page from you yet. If you email it to me I’ll try to help you.


    Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
    Grade your behavior today!
    Practice this song -GOLD (It's on the homepage!) Music tomorrow! 
    TRIP- We got the bus for next Thursday! Thanks to Ms. Garcia! There will be new permission slips that will need to be signed.
    Vocabulary/SS- Review these words and famous people we discussed today- propounded, emancipation, impracticable (impossible in practice to do or carry out), imprudent, hypocrisy, glaring, absurdity, contemplation, plea, speeches, Samuel Cornish, Freedom's Journal, John B. Russwurm, William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator
    SS- Try to translate this line from The Liberator, published by William lloyd Garrison. Write your reaction to the translation. 

    • Is not the plea, that emancipation is not impracticable, the most impudent hypocrisy and the most glaring absurdity ever propounded for contemplation?

    Math- 678x67    234x23   567x56   890x89
    Math- Be ready to present and discuss your favorite Kahn Academy lesson
    Math- Make as many sun or frog origamis as you can.(This could gain points for your team) Thanks Julian and Gordon! We nee your old pin buttons for reuse!!!! Our next glue gun day will be Monday. William and Amelia will lead a frog making lesson tomorrow.
    RW/WW- Read a story from the nonfiction text you chose today. Be ready to discuss at least one. Also, if you find info on a topic that another student may be able to use, pass it on.
    WW- Here are some comments you shared today about strategies writer's used in magazines to engage you. 
    The writer...
    Started with...Did you know.....? (this always draws us in)
    Made statements that connected to your emotions. (remember aaaaahhhh)
    Invited you into their world.
    presented both sides of a debate. (black cat)
    Used lots of Pictures and Captions
    Magnified the photos or zoomed in on a zoomin
    Labeled things in an interesting ways
    The writer included comments the reader might make after a statement 
    Included facts that most people would NOT know
    Used pictures with speech bubbles

    SS- Watch some of the Governor's debate that was on last night. What were the main issues discussed?
    Google- Keep collecting websites and podcasts about your research topic.   

    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

    TRIP- Our trip to Fresh Kills has been postponed until next Wed. or Thursday. Bring in your waivers. I am hoping for Wednesday. Green Dreamers- Read this article and take notes on the facts that interest you. NYT garbage-to-energy-at-fresh-kills
    SURVEY- Complete the 5th Grade survey
    Vocabulary/SS- Review these words we discussed today- abolish, abolitionist, Central Park, outlawed, Civil War 1861-1865, business, cotton, economy, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Beecher Stowe
    SS- Thank-you for sending your  war stories. I look forward to the share.
    Spelling- Review your spelling list. You can always add those words that are constantly tripping you up to this list.
    Math- Complete the math sheet on ordering decimals. Did you sign up for Kahn yet?
    Math- We'll complete the origami project tomorrow. Thanks Julian! Don't forget your old pin buttons for reuse. Gordon, please bring in your glue gun. You'll need to have your buttons in order to be a Green Greamer. William will lead a frog making lesson tomorrow.
    When you do your research tonight on your topic think about whether or not you need the most up-to-date info. Don't forget to include the date in your key words if you do. Remember how adding 2014 changed the Google search? Remember how much information we learned from just one short paragraph?
    For all those reluctant NONfiction readers~Quote of the Day- You Couldn't Make That One Up! or Truth is Stranger Than Fiction!
    RW/WW- Read the magazine you chose today to search for writer's craft that you might want to use in your nonfiction writing. Be ready to discuss at least one. Also, if you find info on a topic that another student may be able to use, pass it on.
    WW-Mentor text- Here are the examples of engaging nonfiction text written by a former student that I shared today. Reread the text. These are some of the comments you shared today during our discussion. You said; She commented on her comments, she adds in funny stuff besides the facts, she makes the reader think, she anticipates what you're going to think and then says it, she's debating with herself using internal thought, she's joking around in a way that makes sense. (Of course, the cute doggie pics helped also!)
    A is for Affenpinscher! The first thing you think of when you see an Affenpinscher is, “Oh, he is so cute!” If so, look again, or at least when he is in action!
         Toy breed (or not) Affenpinschers have a terrier side to them. If they are not digging in the yard, they are chasing little animals, (and children).
         They are great guard dogs; I would nominate them if you needed a stranger protector.
                 The Affenpinscher originated in Germany. (Notice how Affenpinscher sounds like a German name.) These brave dogs are probably making friends with a Great Dane by now.  So now do you think Affenpinschers are so cute?

    B is for Boxer!
    How much better can it get?   Athletic, good watch dog, good with children! The best “B” deal on Wall Street. Cal down, I know you are dying to know what this dog is…………………. The Boxer!
    That is right B is for Boxer. They originated in. …well we are not exactly sure, but we do know they were bred for bull and dog fighting. (Some attitude adjustment they went through in the last hundred years.) fun loving gentle dogs that love adults and children. His or her athlethism is great for someone who loves to run track or just run period.
     If I were the A.K.C. (which I’m not,) I would nominate the Boxer for the “best overall dog” award because it simply has every quality.
    Watch out competition.

    D is for Dachshund.  Remember Elvis’ s song, “Nothing but a hound dog”? Well I don’t think he was referring to that dog, but his description fits. Instead of hunting, it would rather sit on a sofa and watch a movie. (Good thing too, they are not exactly in shape.) Let’s say they have a big body and short legs
                Dachshunds are nicknamed “sausage links” because of their short appearance. They were bred to hunt badgers, but I guess they are retired.
                How low can you go?

    L is for Labrador Retriever.    Have you ever heard of a more popular dog? Not me at least. They get every award in the book, they are guide dogs, lifesavers, and big shots, but I am behind the scenes with the real story.
                Well this is surprising, they are originated in Newfoundland, and so they are Canadians who used to pull up fish corks.
                Wait until I tell the New York Times!    

    Tuesday October 21, 2014
    Sorry this is late! I had 3 parent conferences. I'm sure you knew most of the homework already.
    WW/SS- Send me your EDITED war pieces tonight.
    Vocabulary- Rewrite any sentence that had a correction on it. Remember, you were only graded on the use of the word in the sentence, and of course, the spelling of that word needed to be correct. Staple this sheet to your signed test and hand it in tomorrow.
    Trip on Thursday- rain or shine- Dress for the weather. Wear comfortable walking shoes or boots if it's damp. Bring your lunch. Please have your waivers signed or you won't be allowed on the trip.
    WW- Here's our research source list we generated today. We'll continue to add to the list. See if you can find a documentary and a podcast about your topic. Remember to collect the web addresses on a Google Doc page. We'll share some of these tomorrow.
    Here's the one we started for Haskell today.
    Comedy And The Economic Crash Of 1929 Robert Smith October 26, 2009

    1. books, especially Eyewitness books
    2. magazines
    3. podcasts
    4. encyclopedias
    5. newspapers
    6. websites
    7. experts
    8. television programs
    9. museums
    10. websites
    11. Google- Bing- Brainpop-National Geographic- PBS Kids- PBS- Answers.com- ask.com- NPR podcasts
    12. friends' libraries
    13. famous quotes websites
    14. music
    15. dictionaries
    16. poetry
    17. biographies or autobiographies
    18. artwork
    19. cartoons
    20. diagrams

    Math- $5.50/10   $5.50/8    $5.50/6    $5.50/4  Remember to place the decimal correctly. Do you have any money leftover?
    Math- 27881/579   Use a strategy that works for you. 
    Math- Sign up through Google Docs for the Kahn Academy. It's easy to sign-up this way and you'll be able to visit the site easily at school. Khan Academy

    SS- Look at both of these websites and be ready to discuss two things about each website. We'll be having an accountable talk discussion tomorrow, I loved the way you were building off each other's comments today during the Harriet Beecher Stowe discussion!

    Nice work on the Back In Time Talkshow! 
    Monday October 20, 2014
    Focus- When will we be ready for our buddies? They are waiting for us!!!
    RW- Read! 
    RW/WW- Make a list of sources that we can use for our research.  You can also start collecting books. 
    Gourd- How's your gourd feeling these days about school? Share your thoughts with your gourd. 
    Math- $5.00/10   $5.00/8    $5.00/6    $5.00/4 

    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. Hopefully the words you don't know are getting fewer and fewer and fewer!!
    Vocabulary on board- Great work on your test!! 
    Vocabulary- Review these new words: anguish, pioneer, influential, plantation, descendant, reverend, slavery, accursed, historian, pulpit, New England, congregationalist, sermons.
    Editing- Review all the things we discussed in your editing conference. You'll be writing about this tonight for homework. You should discuss revision also, even discussions you had with parents.
    SS/WW- Share "War Experience"  pieces via Google docs by Wednesday
    SS- Review the chapter we read today in class if you need to. Be ready to discuss.
    Video- Back in Time Talk Show tomorrow! 
    SS- Look at both of these websites and be ready to discuss.

    Trip to Fish Kills on Thursday!
    Birthday celebration on Friday! Make sure you choose who you want to honor you.

    October 16, 2014 

    Thank you to Micah for suggesting that David come to visit us. 
    He certainly gave us a lot to think about and discuss.
    His story and the VETERANS WRITING PROJECT that he's involved in helps us understand the thoughts and feelings of veterans and their families. As we move into our study of the Civil War, the perspectives that David and the family members and friends that you have all researched, and written about, will help us go deeper into our Civil War study.

    Gather up your old button pins for our GREEN DREAMER project. Those who volunteered to bring in glue guns can bring them in on Monday. Thank you Julian for that wonderful origami lesson! 
    Focus- Grade your behavior during David Sandgrund's visit
    RW- Read! It's the weekend!
    RW/WW- Make a list of sources that we can use for our research.  You can also start collecting books. Do you have a library card? If so, get yourself to the library.

    Gourd- Work on your 3-minute video. We'll try and start videotaping them. This will only happen during lunch. Remember! Test it out on your family. Does the personality of your gourd come through. Pick a background for your video from Google images. Make sure it's a full-screen picture.
    Gourd- Your gourds will be happy to know that this weekend they get to do a FREEWRITE. We'll give them 15 minutes only! Remind them about the strategies you've learned to engage the reader and the listener. Remind them to edit their writing when they are done. (You can help them with this, and with the spelling too)

    Math- 11949/21     14225/25     55084/94    6250/250 Due Tuesday!

    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. Hopefully the words you don't know are getting fewer and fewer.

    Vocabulary on board- Complete your test ON YOUR OWN. Make sure your parents sign that you completed it on your own. Due Monday!
    Editing- Review all the things we discussed in your editing conference. We'll be writing about this on Monday.

    SS/WW- Your first "War Experience" drafts captured the point of view of the person you interviewed. Share your piece with this person and get their feedback if that's possible. A second draft should be sent to me via Google docs by Wednesday

    MONDAY!!! If you are not sure how the Google Docs work you need to inquire. The idea behind this set-up is that you can do it yourself!
    Video- Review your research about your Nobel Peace Prize winner  for the Back in Time Talk Show

    October 16, 2014 

    Google- Why did people say that Uncle Tom's cabin changed many people's views of SLAVERY? 
    Google- Find 3 statements that each candidate has made recently. (Attorney General)
    Focus- grade your behavior today

    RW/WW- Develop 20 more questions that you want to research about your topic. 
    Gourd- Work on your 3-minute video
    Math- Complete Advance 4 sheet. Look ove tomorrow's lesson. It's tricky.
    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. 
    Vocabulary on board- Study for test tomorrow
    WW- Reading Life Memoirs-Write an entry about the conferences  we had about your piece.
    SS/WW- First draft of "War Experience" piece is due tomorrow.  
    Video- Review your research about your Nobel Peace Prize winner  for the Back in Time Talk Show

    October 15, 2014 

    Google- What children's books have been banned? Why? Have you read a banned book? 
    Google- What book do many people say changed many people's views of SLAVERY? 
    Google- Who is running against the NY Attorney General in the upcoming election? 

    Focus- grade your behavior today
    RW/WW- Develop 30 questions that you want to research about your topic. 
    Gourd- Work on your 3-minute video
    Math- Complete sprint sheet from today. Write a math journal entry.
    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. 
    Vocabulary on board- Study for final test this Friday!!!! Share your studying strategy tomorrow.
    WW- Reading Life Memoirs- conferring will continue tomorrow.
    SS/WW- Continue revising your "War Experience" piece. We'll share these on Friday. 
    Video- Review your research about your Nobel Peace Prize winner  for the Back in Time Talk Show
    RW- Write a journal entry in your RW notebook about today's library lesson.
    Math- Advance 3 Also, read over tomorrow's lesson.

    October 14, 2014 

    Google- Please send all Google comments to me tonight or your comment will NOT be posted.
    Google- Who is the attorney general of New York City? New York State? What are their job descriptionS
    Focus- grade your lunch table
    RW/WW- Choose a research topic by tomorrow!
    Gourd- Work on your 3-minute video
    Math- Complete sprint sheet from today. Write a math journal entry.
    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. 
    Vocabulary on board- Study for final test this Friday!!!! Call a friend and play the game. 
    WW- Send in your edited Reading Life Memoirs via Google Docs. Make sure you have an engaging title. We’ll be conferring tomorrow.
    SS/WW- Continue your "War Experience" piece. We'll share these on Friday. Tomorrow an expert will confer with you.
    Video- Research your Nobel Peace Prize winner  for the Back in Time Talk Show
    RW- We're moving into nonfiction reading. We'll be choosing books tomorrow in the library.

    October 9, 2014 (All homework is due Tuesday, unless noted)
    Google trip- Three compliments came your way today from Google! Now it’s time to polish up those letters to Raymond, Yutong, and Joe.
    Your PS (post script) can be that special Google question you want the guys to answer for you on our web-chat! These pieces should follow the guidelines we discussed in class today. Send them via Google docs asap. We’ll be compiling them and sending the emails out to Raymond by Monday.
    Focus- grade your table
    Letter to Robert- These are due tomorrow!!! They will be copied, posted and sent on.
    RW/WW- Revise, edit, and publish your Shingebiss stories. Hand in tomorrow.
    Gourd- Dress your gourd for Comfy Day!
    Math- Complete fan and wave sheet, n/d sheet, word problem sheet, and frog origami sheet. Underline the words you know in the Glossary.
    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. "Place" them some where in your house. The greatest memory experts use this strategy! It's been working for me!
    Vocabulary on board- Study for final test next Friday.
    WW- Send in your edited Reading Life Memoirs via Google Docs. Make sure you have an engaging title. We’ll be conferring tomorrow.
    SS/WW- Continue your "War Experience" piece.

    Video- We'll continue our Nobel Prize videos for the Back in Time Talk Show. Make up 5 or six questions for the talk show host to ask you. Make sure you know the answers. Take the answers from your research! Cool, right?

    RW- We're moving into nonfiction reading. Try and finish up the book you're reading. 

    WW- Publish a favorite zoom-in by tomorrow. (loose leaf) It will be hard to choose!

    October 7, 2014
    Google trip- Come prepared with your PS 10 shirt, book bag, notebook, sharpened pencils, curiosity, and OF COURSE your best Google question that you want answered by an expert geek. (Good manners would also be greatly appreciated!)
    Picture day is Thursday. Here’s an article you can share with your parents. Picture Day?! Click on the words "Picture Day".
    Focus- grade your table
    Letter to Robert
    RW/WW- Revise, edit, and publish your Shingebiss stories. 
    Gourd- Chat with your gourd about the 2-3 minute video that you'll be doing next week. Come up with a plan. Practice makes perfect. You will have to memorize the dialogue. I'll give you some memorization tips next week.
    Math- Get your math test signed and complete the pages assigned from today. 
    Spelling- Read over your difficult words. "Place" them some where in your house. The greatest memory experts use this strategy! It's been working for me!
    WW- Use the editing notes you took from today's lesson to guide your editing. Thanks to Gabby for letting us "operate" on her piece! Your 2nd draft needs to be sent to me by Wednesday night, so I can work with you on Thursday.  
    SS/WW- Be prepared to start your "War Experience" piece on Thursday.
    Video- We'll continue our Nobel Prize videos for the Back in Time Talk Show. Make up 5 or six questions for the talk show host to ask you. Make sure you know the answers. Take the answers from your research! Cool, right?
    RW- We're moving into nonfiction reading. Try and finish up the book you're reading.

    October 6, 2014

    Please make sure your books are packed by 2:35.
    Ms. Yourke starts Thursday
    Grade yourself on your focus today. Grade your table.
    RW- Think of someone who Shingebiss reminds you of? Now write about it in your RW notebook. (full page) You may have to reread the folktale.

    Math-Solve the order of operations puzzle at home. Write a journal entry about the strategy you used. Was it easier, or more difficult to work without a partner? Make sure you answer this question!

    Math- Google the Associative Property and the Commutative Property. Find an example of each to write in your notebook.
    Math- Get your math quiz signed.
    Spelling- Look over the spelling list I gave you. Read over any words that are difficult for you. Write them on the imaginary chart on your wall.
    Spelling- Do you know how to use “spell check” on your computer?
    WW- I returned your 1st drafts to you today. I learned a lot about your reading habits from this piece. Take a look at some of the revision suggestions I made. You’ll be sending me a 2nd draft Wednesday evening. Please do not send it before Wednesday night. I will review your revisions, and hopefully we’ll be able to confer and post your final draft by Monday. 
    WW- Review the Editing Guide we discussed today. Refer to the guide often when editing your writing. File this in your WRITING folder for daily use.
    WW- What are paragraphs for? Refer to today’s read aloud from The Great American Amusement Parks. How did the writer decide when to use a new paragraph? Do we use paragraphs when writing narratives and memoir also? Go back into your memoir and see if you have your paragraphs where you want them.
    Here’s definition of a paragraph that might help you.
    What is a Paragraph?
Paragraphs are comprised of sentences, but not random sentences. A paragraph is a group of sentences organized around a central topic. In fact, the cardinal rule of paragraph writing is to focus on one idea. A solidly written paragraph takes its readers on a clear path, without detours.
    RW- READ- Use your RW guide to keep you focused. Think about some nonfiction topics or some historical times you might like to read. Continue your list of books.
    Here are a few topics that I thought would interest you
    W- Gourd HW-  Read the piece you wrote to your gourd. The piece you write tonight will be your gourd’s response.
    SS- Prepare for Thursday (war experience interviews) How does it feel to be a reporter?  What are the rewards? What are the difficulties?
    October 2, 2014
    Parent visits tomorrow! Photo ID is a MUST! Remind your parents. Be ready with your 1 minute piece. Practice reading LOUD and with FLUENCY!
    We have a birthday celebration tomorrow afternoon! You know what to do.
    Nice work on dismissal today!
    Table 4 made it to 4 :) Bring in $ for lunch in case your table makes it to 4. NO PROMISES. A deal's a deal.
    Grade yourself on your focus today. Grade your table.
    RW- Think of someone who Shingebiss reminds you of? Reread the story with fluency to a younger brother, sister, or gourd. Be ready to talk about who it reminds you of?
    Math- Make up an equation where the answer is 26. Use +, -, x, and and division.
    Math-  Long division quiz. Be ready! One problem- PASS or FAIL
    Math- Rounding quiz. Be ready! It will be similar to the problems below.
    Math- Round these #s to the nearest 1, 10, 100, and 1000.
    7489, 1956, 6726, 9847
    Math- Review the vocabulary words we discussed today. By the way, your math journal entries are getting better!!! I can't wait to read the ones you did today! double, row, column, challenging, pattern, equally, row, column, half.
    Spelling- Look over the spelling list I gave you. Circle any words that are difficult for you. Read it over once a week and repeat.
    WW- All conferences on 1st drafts are now complete. I will return your pieces to you tomorrow, so you can send me a new 2nd draft by Tuesday. You can make revisions over the weekend. 
    RW- READ- Use you RW guide to keep you focused. Think about some nonfiction topics or some historical times you might like to read. Start a list and I'll try to connect you with some great books.
    W- Gourd HW-  Time for YOU to write about your gourd. Be nice!
    SS- Contact the person who you will be interviewing about their war experience. Set up a time to do your interview (try to do it this weekend) . Take notes or tape it with an iPhone. If you tape it you should listen to the voice memo and then take notes. We'll do the writing in class next week.(Thursday)

    People Who've Had Experience With War In Any Way Project
    Here are the ?s that you wanted to know more about...
    1. So, should people be able to live free from fear?
    2. What kind of things do you do when you are preparing for war? or in a war?
    3. Which war were you involved in?
    4. Who or what were you fighting for? 
    5. Why did you decide you wanted to be involved?
    6. How many years were you involved?
    7. Do you have any pictures, letters, or any other documents you could share with us? (primary sources)
    8. We you, or anyone you know forced into battle?
    9. Did you learn to use different weapons? Tell me about them.
    10. When did you experience the most fear? How did you cope with it? 
    11. How did the whole experience effect you?
    12. Were you scared for yourself or anyone else? How did that feel?
    13. Did you see any destruction? 
    14. Did you or anyone you know have any near death experiences?
    15. how did you feel about the war? 
    16. What did you do when you saw the enemy?
    17. How did you feel when you left your home?
    18. How did you feel when yo returned home?
    19. What do you think about when you're away from home?
    20. Were you afraid for your family back home?
    21. Do you ever feel anxious?
    22. How do you feel now?
    23. Do you read or write about anything related to war? Explain?
    24. Were your parents involved in a war?  
    25. Do you know anyone who had to leave their family or their country to stay safe? Explain.

    Is the book Madeline based on a true story? Dig a little deeper!

    Song- Learn "One Day"

    Google- I hope you're GOOGLING! Our trip is next Wednesday!! We'll be doing a Robotics lesson. What are ROBOTICS? 

    MOVED to MONDAY- SS- Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class on - 2-3 minutes tops. Use cue cards if you need them. Write key words that will guide you. You cannot read the essay from loose leaf or from a notebook this time.

    GREEN DREAMERS STARTS MONDAY!! Rehearse your intro. Short and sweet! Teachers are busy, busy, busy!!!

    October 1, 2014
    Cap and Gown surveys are due tomorrow!! Discuss with a parent!
    Grade yourself on your focus today. Grade your table.
    Math- Make up an equation where the answer is 17. Use +, -, x, and an exponent.
    Math-  Solve the problems on the board using two strategies. Check your work with a calculator.

    Math- Divide two dollars by every number between 1 and 8.

    Math- Round these #s to the nearest 1, 10, 100, and 1000.
    2345, 6789, 1011, 1213 

    WW- I enjoyed hearing your first draft of your Reading Life Memoirs. I plan on finishing all conferences tomorrow. Feel free to resend drafts to me as you revise them! I have NOT received any revisions as of yet!

    RW- READ- Use you RW guide to keep you focused.

    W- Gourd HW-  Your gourd will have a chance to write from the comfort of their new home tonight! 


    Do you know a refugee?
    Should people be able to live free from fear?
    Find someone who has had experience with war that you might want to interview?

    Google- Are markers/pens recyclable?

    Is the book Madeline based on a true story?

    Song- Learn "One Day"

    Google- Add your new questions to your Google questions.

    SS- Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class on - 2-3 minutes tops. Use cue cards if you need them. Write key words that will guide you. You cannot read the essay from loose leaf or from a notebook this time.

    September 29, 2014
    Grade yourself on behavior today. Are YOU ready for lunch release?
    Morning school will start next Tuesday. I’ll be discussing this with you and your parents. It will start at 7:45 and it will be invitation only.
    Math- Make up an equation where the answer is 2. Use +, -, and x.
    Math- Get the quiz you completed today signed, as well as the journal entry you did. Revise it if necessary.
    Math- Prepare your order of operations game cards for tomorrow
    Math- Complete the next order of operations page in your blue book. Call your math partner if you need to.

    WW- First Draft of Reading Life Memoir is due tomorrow. (type or handwrite- share your piece through Google Docs if possible- My email is jcyphers@ps10.org) Take out unnecessary or redundant information. Read your piece to someone. What was their reaction? You might use their response to guide your revision.

    RW- READ- Make sure you are loving your book. Reading level checks will be taking place over the next two weeks. Use you RW guide to keep you focused.

    W- Think about your gourd tonight! Tomorrow you’ll have a chance

    to write about one another. If you want to bring in a little box for your gourd, make sure it’s small enough to not distract your work during the day.

    Google- What new questions came up today during the Cooper Hewitt visit? Pick one to Google.

    Google- Add your new question to your Google questions.

    *Scholastic book orders are due tomorrow! Only checks written directly to Scholastic will be accepted

    SS- Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class on  Wednesday- 2-3 minutes tops. Use cue cards if you need them. Write key words that will guide you. You cannot read the essay from loose leaf or from a notebook this time.

    RW/WW- Do you like this piece? Why? What parts? Does it remind you of yourself? What part? Did the piece keep your attention? What was your favorite

    My Reading Life:

    My past, how far I’ve come, and my plans for the future.

    By: Matilda Margolis, Class: 5-403

                My experience of reading in the past was probably a lot like other kid’s experiences. Cuddling up to a parent and listening to the soft sound of words that they project out of their mouths while speaking aloud. I started reading when I was three and almost four, I was a pretty chatty little tyke. My mom said my first word was “apple” when I was 10 months old. My first “read alone book” was from the easy BOB book series that my mom had gotten for me. Every night, I would sit next to my dad, reading him the BOB books, each night I got better and better! My mom and I began “read alouds” together. Even though my mom was always reading to me, the first book I strongly remember was The Secret Garden. I remembered it best because I loved the scenery, the way the author described the characters, and the humorous lines when Collin is having a tantrum, and Mary starts snapping at him to stop screaming and that there are more important things. I basically ate that book alive! After that I began to understand the complexity of harder books. And in our read aloud time we read these books which I also loved: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Inside Out and Back Again, The Hot Water Bottle Mystery, and The Best Loved Doll. I also have a great love for teacher read alouds, my favorites include: Edward Tulane, The Never Ending Story, The Fudge series and loads more!  In Kindergarten I was excited by levels at first because I felt proud to be graded by letters like high schoolers and upper grades. Then my opinion changed to where I thought: “Hey?! Isn’t reading supposed to be about liking reading? Not going up on levels just to be superior! It doesn’t matter what level you’re on, what matters is that you read and love books.

    My Current Reading Life

    When I was little, I liked all sorts of books; it took me a while to find out what genres I really liked. Now I try to spread out my reading to different types of books, such as: non- fiction, and historic fiction. As I continued to learn how to read, my book collection and interests grew immensely and along the way I found some really good books and what I liked. My favorite genres are: realistic fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and biographies. Here are some books that have my favorite styles: Edward Tulane, The Never Ending Story, The Magic Tree House series, Liar and Spy, The Odyssey, Rick Riordan Books, The Dairy Queen Trilogy, and Number the Stars. I like reading to others, and I always look forward to reading buddies every week.   I like to share picture books with Hunter, our reading buddy, which meant a lot to me when I was younger. Hopefully, she will appreciate them as much as I did. Sometimes if I really get into a book, I pretend to be a character, and if that character does something interesting I do it myself. For example:  if a character drinks a glass of water with their pinky up, I’ll do that too when I drink water. Also now when I read I share an interesting part in my book with others. For example, it was a surprising twist in The Golden Compass when Lyra finds out that her mortal enemy, Mrs. Coulter, is her mother and married to her father who she thought was her uncle Asrial.  It’s a complicated story about a girl who goes through many hardships. Lately I’ve picked a couple books without my parent’s permission that they have felt were inappropriate.  For those kids who’s mom or dad has confiscated books from their library, it’s disappointing, I know. But the thing is, if you read that book that your parents’ thought was too old for you, you’ll lose the magic of the book, and it will make no sense to you if you don’t read it at the right age. For example: I thought that The Mysterious Benedict Society was not interesting when I read it in 3rd grade, and I lost the magic of the book. Just a couple days ago I picked it up and read the first page and I loved it! You need to read things at the right age, or you lose the magic of the story.

                Fantasy lures you in with material that can be fluffy and unrealistic, or the material can be in-depth and have an amazing hook.  That’s why I love fantasy –it is make-believe, and it can be funny, but no matter what, no two fantasy stories are the same because each author has a different imagination. I also like Realistic-Fiction, such as Dairy Queen, a story about a girl who runs a dairy farm and relates to cows   in her everyday life. It brings me down to earth after all the fantasy and gives possible scenarios that different people can relate to. Finally, I like Sci-fi because it’s a fast moving genre. Dialogue travels quickly like: “Oh wait, who’s dead, I can’t believe that! And, Oh my goodness did he just betray her?!”  Sci-Fi means science fiction. I like science and I like reading, so when they are put together I get a new perspective. For example, in A Wrinkle in Time worlds are trying to take over one another and the leading planet is called Camazotz. Three kids have to save the worlds and must know science to do so!

    My Future Reading Life

                In my future of reading I would like to get a Kindle. Trees are being cut down everyday and without trees, there is no oxygen, and without oxygen, no humans, no life, no nothing. END OF THE WORLD. By getting a Kindle I could save trees and help save the world. But, Kindles are made from mining natural elements from the ground in order to make ONE Kindle. Ok, think about how many Kindles and electronics there are in the world, that is a lot of mining. Getting back to my original point, the industries should make a greener solution of a tablet so the woodsmen and paper companies can stop cutting down trees. (Hemp)

                I would like to get better at reading non-fiction by finding non-fiction topics that I would enjoy to build my stamina. And not read the same genres over and over.  I also would like to work on writing a bit about my book after I read it. I’ve always liked the reading part, but never liked the writing-down part. I would like to improve on that. My reading life has it’s ups and downs. But I love reading and almost all of the tasks that come with it.

    September 24, 2014
    Just a suggestion~ On September 28th Visit Freshkills Festival in Staten Island Park 11-4~ kayaking, biking, walking trips, music, kite flying, animals, climbing walls, art, and food trucks!

    Math- Make up an equation where the answer is 125. Do not use parenthesis. Try to make it challenging. Use the strategy we used in class.

    Math- [(92x17) x 3 + 6] + 7 Solve. Make 1 change and then solve it again.

    WW- Keep rereading and rewriting, like we did today. Do your writing after reading one of your favorite memoirs. It might inspire you.

    RW- READ- Repeat last night’s homework. You’ll be reading over the holiday, so make sure that you go home on Wednesday with plenty of reading materials.

    VOCABULARY GAME- Play Scattergories

    Google- Come up with 20 questions?

    Google- Make a list of all the Google questions we have asked so far in your WN. Circle the one you think is most interesting.

    Scholastic book orders- due September 30 th

    SONGS-Check the website!

    SS- Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class next Wednesday- 3 minutes tops.

    September 23, 2014

    Math- Make up an equation where the answer is 15

    Math- [(9x7) /3 + 6] – 7 Solve Make 1 change and then solve it again.

    WW- I enjoyed conferring with you about your zoom ins. Follow the directions from last night for your writing.

    RW- READ- Repeat last night’s homework. You’ll be reading over the holiday, so make sure that you go home on Wednesday with plenty of reading materials.

    VOCABULARY GAME- Review the topics on the Scattergories page. Pick one to play tomorrow with your team.


    1. How many times worse is Methane than Carbon-Dioxide (CO2)?

    2. Continue collecting facts about Google.

    Scholastic book orders- due September 30 th

    SONGS- Coming tomorrow!

    Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class next Wednesday- 3 minutes tops.

    RW/WW- Do you like this piece? Why? Think about it.

    Ben Wallace


    Oct 7, 2013

    Past, Present, Future

    In the past, I was a very avid reader. The first book I ever read was in kindergarten. I was in a book club, and we all had to read a fairy tail bear book. I was really scared, because I did not know how to read. By the end of the year I was one of the only kid in my class who could read. I can’t remember what level I was on in 1st grade. In second grade I left school at the highest grade in my class. Finn was next highest. (Finn was supposed to get his level assessment first, but was sick, and I got mine tested before him, on the last week of school, so he had no chance of getting close to me.) In 3rd grade I started school at level o/p. 5 months later I was reading at level W, but could also read Z books. I accidentally read a Z in 3rd,and didn’t realize what level it was until a later date. I loved it! A week later I was level Y! I left 3rd grade at level W though. I started off 4th grade at level W but read about 13 Z books throughout the year.  By the end of the year I was still a W, but was aloud to read Z’s.

             In 5th grade I have only been in school for four weeks. So far I’m still a level W, but can read Z’s. I love science fiction and fantasy books. I’m not a huge realistic fiction and non-fiction fan. I am superbly interested in WW2. Over the summer, I managed to exhaust my reading material. Currently I am looking for more things to read, and have found a verity. I’m also interested in the hobbit, which I must see if Willa is done with. I believe she is. I am waiting for 3 books right now, one of which I acquired yesterday. The two I don’t have are, A: the House of Hades, and B: the 4th book in the Adventurers Wanted series.

    (I have it on pre order)


             In the future, I hope by 6th grade to be an actual Z level. I don’t think I’ll like it, but I want to try to get more into non-fiction/ realistic-fiction. (ugh). To me non-fiction is the most boring thing ever. I like the adventure stuff better. I want to keep being a reader throughout my life. Books are awesome!!! Most of the books I want to read are adventure/ fiction books. In the future I might want to be a book designer. (Or a basketball player. At least my options are ranged) I like a good old book, and don’t like the idea we might be reading on electronics. I’ll save all my books. In the future I hope to stay a reader and writer. I usually read longer than assigned (that's half because I like books, and half that its one of the only things to do after school) I hope to keep the habit through my life. I didn’t have video games until 3rd grade, so I have established a love for books. I hope that will help keep books in my life.   

    September 22, 2014
    Math- After you get your math test signed please put it back in your blue folder. If your pages are ripping out, you will need to invest in pages reinforcements. They look like little white doughnut stickers.
    WW- I LOVED the zoom-in and the talking bubble (internal thought) pieces you wrote last week.  Tonight you will be continuing the draft of your reading life memoirs. Use some of the strategies that we have been practicing and discussing in class to guide your draft. Reread your entries on the topic. You may be writing in your writer’s notebook if your entries are sparse or if you just have not spent too much time thinking about the topic yet. Once you move to loose leaf keep all of your drafts in a folder. ORGANIZATION is key to success. Make sure they are marked by date and topic. There will be three chapters in the final published piece, so find a way to stay organized. Have fun! We will spend a lot of time on Tuesday and Friday on this project. A final (preferably) typed piece needs to be sent to me by next Tuesday. That should be plenty of time. If you know you’re going away for the holiday, then plan your time appropriately.
    RW- READ- I see you are all starting to use the RW list we developed in class to guide your RW at home! HOORAY! Let’s focus on this question tonight. Why is the character doing THAT? Obviously, the emphasis on that means that there is something weird, or peculiar, or surprising, or unexpected, that the character did in the text. Tell me what it is by describing it. Then try and figure out why the character did, or said, that particular thing.  See you in RW conference! Great work readers!
    I have A NEW VOCABULARY GAME for you!  You’re going to love it! We’ll try and play it tomorrow.
    1 Who watches our water here in NYC to make sure it’s clean?
    2. What happens to an apple if you leave it on a shelf indefinitely? (like the one in the classroom)
    3. Why is it such important news that the Rockefeller Foundation is divesting in fossil fuels?
    4. How big is the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean?

    Continue collecting facts about Google. Start a new page in your notebook for questions about Google.
    Scholastic book orders- due September 30 th
    We’ll pick new songs tomorrow!
    SS- New vocabulary words for Tuesday’s read aloud: governments, Four Freedoms, economics, inhabitants,  U.S. Constitution, welfare, homeless, shelter, NGO- non-governmental organization, Salvation Army, taxes, federal, insurance (Pages 6-13)
    What is the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act?
    SS- Study last week’s vocabulary words/famous people:  audacity, equality, Congress, dignity, speech, FDR- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Peace Prize
    Be ready to orally present your research about Nobel Prize winners to the class on Wednesday.

    September 19th 2014
    Get your math test signed.
    Google- Who is Norman Rockwell?
    Enjoy your reading this weekend!

    September 18th 2014

    Your behavior was MUCH better today;)
    Middle School - meeting in auditorium Oct. 1st 6 PM Oct. 2nd 9-10-30. Plan on going to at least one of these. See flier.
    MS- Give the new books to your parents!! Sign up for visits asap! They fill up fast.
    Math- Make up your dartboards. Make it beautiful. Make it challenging. Use the fluency practice work from your math notebook for problem ideas.
    Always look ahead to the next activity, so you’re ready to go tomorrow. Did you do your math work in pencil?
    WW- I LOVED the zoom-in pieces you shared today! Have fun “talking” to yourself tonight! (You know what I mean!)
    RW- READ- Use the RW list we developed in class to guide your RW at home. Write a journal entry about your new partner.
    PLAY THE VOCABULARY GAME! I bet you’re getting good!
    Google- Your choice! Hey, why don’t you google “google” !
    Scholastic book orders- due September 30 th
    Practice our songs.
    SS- Study your vocabulary words/famous people:  audacity, equality, Congress, dignity, speech, FDR- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Peace Prize

    Research your research about Nobel Prize winners with a friend.

    September 17th 2014
    Your behavior on today’s walking trip wasn’t your best. Also, at the end of the day, you need to pack up without chatting, so you can stay focused on packing up. Start preparing your materials after lunch. When we have finished with a book or notebook place it in your book bag. Some children have to get the letter they wrote signed by their parents. Please do not leave this home.
    Tomorrow we will identify the leaves we collected today. Pay attention to the trees on your block. Look for similarities and differences. 
    Bruno's magic cards are missing from my closet. If you know anything about these cards, please let me know tomorrow.
    Middle School - meeting in auditorium Oct. 1st 6 PM Oct. 2nd 9-10-30. Plan on going to at least one of these. See flier.
    Math- Complete the PEMDAS sheet. Use the models from today. Make sure you review what an exponent is. Great work on the fluency assignment today!
    Look ahead to the next activity, so you’re ready to go tomorrow. Please do your math work in pencil. If you correct work, please use an ink pen. This helps me see your progress. It helps you see progress too!
    Math- Solve the problems we did last night using Zara’s strategy. Check your work on a calculator. 
    WW- Revise your zoom-in piece from today. Repeat the STOP AND STARE writing assignment at home. Close your eyes and imagine the images that came into your mind when I read Watching the Bird. Will your piece create images in the reader's mind?
    RW- READ- Use the RW list we developed in class to guide your reading work at home. This work is SUPER important. Make sure you are prepared for your next reading conference.
    PLAY THE VOCABULARY GAME if you can find a playmate.
    Scholastic book orders- due September 30 th  I will only accept checks made out to Scholastic.
    Lunch release papers are due tomorrow. Staple them together.
    Reminder: Make sure that you have a pen and sharpened pencils with you at all times.
    SS- Study your new vocabulary words/famous people:  audacity, equality, Congress, dignity, speech, FDR- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nobel Peace Prize
    Google- Research one person who received the Nobel Peace Prize. Write 5 interesting things about their award.

    SORRY this post was delayed!!!
    September 16th 2014
    Math- Complete the Harry Potter word problem and the 4 math multiplication problems on the board. Use the MODEL. That’s a must!
    Math- Write a few lines about how your math partnership is working.
    WW- Make a list of the books that you have read over the past year.  What were your most vivid reading experiences? Do you remember your thoughts about these experiences? Remember, this is NOT a book report. Be ready to write about this tomorrow.
    RW- Use the RW list we developed in class to guide your RW at home. Remember, the list can be found on the homework site home page. Use it to guide your RW notes.

    1 RW/Vocabulary-
    1.    Study the meaning of these words that we discussed yesterday during our read aloud: complex, inter-related, hospitable, immense, crucial, radiant, inhospitable, emitted, methane, mining, irrigation, impact, tons, atmosphere, concentration, recorded, fluctuation, ecosystems, extreme, precipitation, droughts, acidification, amplification, permafrost, extinction, sea level, malnutrition, resources, hydro power, geothermal. BE READY TO PLAY THE VOCABULARY GAME WITH THESE WORDS.
    SS-What statements have each of these representatives made about climate change: Mayor, Comptroller, or Public Advocate. Call a friend and share what you wrote in your notebook last night.
    Google one of your favorite authors
    Art/SS- Revise your design for the climate change umbrella. What do you think it should say? Are there any symbols you think would get your message across?

    What colors would you choose?
    September 15th 2014
    Math- Complete the Harry Potter word problem and the sprint from today
    Math- How is your math partnership working? Think about this. We’ll be writing about it tomorrow.
    WW- Make a list of the books that were read to you when you were little.  What were your first, most vivid, reading experiences? Do you remember your thoughts about these experiences? Be ready to write about this tomorrow.
    RW- Use the RW list we developed in class to guide your RW at home. The list can be found on the homework site. Read the RW list we made in class. Ponder it. Is it complete?

    1 RW/Vocabulary-
    1.    Learn the meaning of these words that we discussed today during our read aloud. Write them to your notebook: complex, inter-related, hospitable, immense, crucial, radiant, inhospitable, emitted, methane, mining, irrigation, impact, tons, atmosphere, concentration, recorded, fluctuation, ecosystems, extreme, precipitation, droughts, acidification, amplification, permafrost, extinction, sea level, malnutrition, resources, hydro power, geothermal.
    2.    Share the information you learned in Climate Change: The Basics by Cynthia Hopkins
    2 Vocabulary. KEEP SKILLS SHARP-Play the vocabulary game with your parent. Use last week’s list

    SS-What statements have each of these representatives made about climate change: Mayor, Comptroller, or Public Advocate. Write in your notebook.
    Google-  “So what’s the problem with a warmer planet? If you find a good article or website, you can share it tomorrow. Be ready to share the main points of the research you did.
    Art/SS- Design the climate change umbrella. What do you think it should say? Are there any symbols you think would get your message across?

    What colors would you choose?

    September 12th
    Excellent work this week! Get your math test signed. Two days of reading on the weekend is always a must, even if there’s no homework.
    Hope you liked the vocabulary game. 
    R.J. Palacio
    Author of Wonder
    Sunday, September 14 at 4 PM
    At congregation Beth Elohim
    271 Garfield Place

    This event is free. RSVP at BrooklynByTheBook.com

    September 11th 2014
    Another great day! You surprised me with your 3-minute presentations again!!
    MathW- Good work on the second page in your Blue Math Binder. Look ahead to tomorrow’s lesson.
    Math- QUIZ on PEMDAS –M or D, whichever comes first/ THEN- A or S, whichever comes first. Use the model to guide you. Always show your work.
    WW- Write a full page (WNotebook) inspired by your favorite lake, river, stream, ocean, pond, puddle, bay, etc.
    RW- while reading tonight, remember to collect interesting quotes and any interesting or confusing vocabulary. Make sure you ask an expert what the words mean. No experts around? Use a dictionary or the Internet!
    RW- Here’s another idea: When you notice a word, phrase, or situation mentioned over and over again jot it down and then ask yourself this question~ Why does this keep happening again and again?
    RW- 45 minutes a night. Share what you read with your parent.
    RW/Vocabulary- Find out the meaning of these words, names, and phrases for tomorrow’s read aloud: (I know it looks like a lot, but I bet you already know most of them! Write the words in your RW notebook) Filtering, eager, sprites, weight, took root in Louisa’s heart, set out, mend, fortunes, devoted, denied, accomplish, obstacles, daunted, pluck, set forth, wretched, sky-parlor, henceforth, sparing, herself, barest, necessities, Atlantic Monthly, merit, merely, immense, worshipped, idolized, haunting, reverently, deluging, sentimental, distracted, especial, devoted, hobly, earned, endless, toil literary, publisher, misgiving, struggles, shown, affection, enduring, mar, vortex

    CONTINUED- WW/RW- Looking Ahead- Thinking about your FUTURE life as a reader. Take notes on books that you want to read later in life.  Check out your parent’s bookshelves.
    RW- Continue to add to your RW list. This should be growing!!! We’ll make our chart tomorrow.
    SS- Write 5 things that a mayor has to do. Do the same for Comptroller and Public Advocate.

    Google- On average, how many books will a person read in a lifetime?

    September 10th 2014
    Another great day! You surprised me with your 3-minute presentations again!!
    MathW- Complete the second page in your Blue Math Binder. Look ahead to tomorrow’s lesson.
    WW- Write a full page (WNotebook) inspired by the following quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”- Albert Einstein
    RW- while reading tonight, remember to collect interesting quotes and any interesting or confusing vocabulary. Make sure you ask an expert what the words mean. No experts around? Use a dictionary or the Internet!
    RW- 45 minutes a night. Time yourself.
    RW/Vocabulary- Find out the meaning of these words, names, and phrases for tomorrow’s read aloud: (I know it looks like a lot, but I bet you already know most of them! Write the words in your RW notebook) turbulent, practical, anchor, sacredly, worship, advice, liberty, roam, book lined, spellbound, doubtless, pored over books, Emerson, Hawthorne, Thoreau, turnpike, philosopher, serene, recollections, frequently, illustrious, gleaming, expressiveness, “Eye of the Earth”, rose*, tramped*,rhodora, burly, dozing, recognized, intimately, windings, tramping, Concord to Boston, comrades, nestle, coax, Nature had a voice, Poetry of the woods,
    prominence. Good luck!
    CONTINUED- WW/RW- Looking Ahead- Continue thinking about your PRESENT life as a reader. Take notes on books that you want to read this year. Tomorrow I’ll share lists of books from my last year’s class to give you some ideas.
    RW- Continue to add to your RW list. This should be growing!
    SS- Who won last night in the election?

    Google- Find out what job Letitia James has. Find a short video of her on youtube to view.
    September 9th 2014

    Another great day! You surprised me with your 3-minute presentations!! We’ll complete them this week and then view them on Friday (-;

    MathW- Complete the first page in your Blue Math Binder. Look ahead to tomorrow’s lesson.

    ALL BLUE CARDS AND PERMISSION SLIPS ARE DUE- I’m missing two. Please remind your parents.

    WW- Write a full page (WNotebook) inspired by the following quote by Audrey Hepburn: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says it- I’M   POSSIBLE!”

    RW- While reading tonight, remember to collect interesting quotes       and any interesting or confusing vocabulary. Make sure you ask an expert what the words mean. No experts around? Use a dictionary or the Internet!

    RW- Be prepared for another reading stamina session tomorrow. Make sure you are reading at least 45 minutes a night. Time yourself. Hope you like the new books you chose today! (Remember our 25 book goal!)

    RW/Vocabulary- Find out the meaning of these words, names, and phrases for tomorrow’s read aloud: dusky, twinkling, roused, town crier, distracted, frock, dat’s, pondered, Nathaniel Hawthorne, tense, moral, earnestness, intervals, working off steam, liveliest, faults, self-willed, marshal, legions, foe, Patience, Duty, nevertheless, hotly contested, command, governing, particular, marvelous, haymow, fleeing, hot on his heels, plunge, mighty, flourish, loft, monstrous, fierce, hideous. (I know it looks like a lot, but I bet you already know most of them! Write the words in your RW notebook)

    CONTINUED- WW/RW- Looking Ahead- Continue thinking about your PRESENT life as a reader. Take notes on books that you want to read this year. Tomorrow I’ll share lists of books from my last year’s class to give you some ideas.

    RW- Continue to add to your RW list. This should be growing!

    SS- Which office will I be voting for tonight?

    Google- Find out what Scott Stringer’s job description is. Find a short video of him on youtube to view.

    September 8th 2014
    Another great day! Music, science, and a lice check all in one day!

    ALL BLUE CARDS AND PERMISSION SLIPS ARE DUE MONDAY- still missing 5- Please remind your parents.

    WW-  Prepare a 3 minute talk about something you know a lot about (like the one I did today)

    RW- I loved all the quotes you shared! When you read tonight remember to collect interesting quotes. Make a list to share in your RW notebook. Include the author of the quote. Be ready to discuss.

    RW- Choosing books- Any book that I introduce is ready for borrowing.

    CONTINUED- WW/RW- Looking Ahead- Start thinking about your life as a reader: past, present and future. Make an appointment to discuss it with someone you know who has a rich reading life. Take notes if you like. ;)


    1. Continue to add to your RW list.

    2. Read for 45 minutes

    SS- Do you know who your representatives are? Google at least one of them

    September 5th 2014

    Another great day! I love the way you all interact with one another!


    WW-   Your writing helps me get to know you so quickly! Thanks for sharing so much about yourselves. This weekend I would like you to find a favorite quote from wherever you like for your classmates to ponder. Print it out on a 5 by 5 sheet of paper. You might add a picture, or background of some sort. Have fun. It’s going to be hard to choose a favorite!

    WW/RW- Looking Ahead- Start thinking about your life as a reader: past, present and future. Make an appointment to discuss it with someone you know who has a rich reading life. Take notes if you like. ;)


    1. Continue your RW list.

    2. Start thinking about the first book you’ll be reading this year.  What genre will you choose? Topic? Theme? Author? Hmmm….

    3. Read for 45 minutes on two separate days,

    Math- Find letters that add up to your number. Make up a new name with them!

    Table 1- 75

    Table 2- 64

    Table 3- 99

    Table 4- 38

    Google Work- Find out why the letters of our alphabet are in the order that they are now.

    September 4th 2014
    Welcome back everyone! Super work today!!
    RW- Continue your list "What Does Reader's Workshop Look Like"
    R- Bring in a favorite book, article, or magazine that you read over the summer
    WW- Use the mini-lesson from today to write a new 1-page entry in your WNotebook
    Math- Do this pretest in your Math notebook. Be prepared for a similar pretest.
    1. 348+79
    2. 4.3+3.85
    3. 732-94
    4. 4.12- 2.8
    5. 89 x 9
    6. 38x 59
    8. 832/5
    9. 5x (4+6)-9
    10. 12/(1+2)+9/3
    Extra Credit- Research Louisa May Alcott- Collect a few interesting facts to share tomorrow.
    More Extra Credit- Pick a favorite word from today's vocabulary and start using it. Let me know what happens ;)

    Happy Summer! Click here to view all the pictures from this year.


    1. ms cyphers what about fridays homework

      1. There was a delay due to a faulty in BlogSpot uploading the Homework. It Should be up now.

    2. what is the homework for October 9,2012?

    3. it still has not come up

    4. does anybody know the homework for Tuesday October, 9, 2012. Ms.C said she will post it for the people who have internet access.

    5. What is the homework for October 9, 2012?

    6. SS- Be ready to discuss the new debate topic in JS... What is JS?

    7. what does js mean?

    8. is the js for tonights homerwork?

    9. is there a winner for the FDR contest?

    10. hello how is everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    12. hello how is

      1. Js means junior scholastic

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